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Free Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia Essay Sample

1. In “Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia,” David Brooks observes that there is an unparalleled life landscape and geography of the suburbs that are new and exploding. Ideally, there is a lack of borders that a recognizable which create a geographical identity as well as centers. Over the years, the history has been that people usually live in places that are definable such as town squares, ports, oases, river junctions as well as tribal rings. In the areas outside the suburban, individuals have their own schools, churches and even office parks. These are the polycentric nodes.

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2.The contemporary facts that Brooks quotes observes the differences that exist between the lives of the different classes of people in the society. He also gives us a brief history of America and the influential events that brought about changes (134).

3. Brooks brings out the fact that America which was born through imagination had early settlers from Europe who were later joined by other immigrants that misused the potential that the land had (139).“The early settlers were aware of and almost oppressed by the obvious potential of the land.”

4. In describing America, Brooks claims that the country was born through imagination. The European settlers who later colonized America discovered many things. They had early settlers from Europe who were later joined by other immigrants that misused the potential that the land had. They brought in their people hence took over the land but this did not last for long since the Americans regained what belonged to them(139).

5. Brooks emphasizes that the previous experience have helped shape the nation to be what it is now. He also reveals that the migration from the suburbs to the suburbia has been increasing in the recent years. He also leaves us with the question that how many times in the history of America have 300,000 person communities been able to gain material benefit out of nothing at all.“In these new, exploding suburbs, the geography, the very landscape of life, is new and unparalleled.” 


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