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Performance review is an integral facets in the functioning of an organization; because, it helps the organization to evaluate the performance levels of all their employees, thus, improving on the efficiency of the organization. This write up is going to analyze the performance review process of Technologies Complete, Inc, highlight the dangers involved when the performance review process is not administered properly and finally recommend the changes that have to be implemented in Technologies Complete performance review process. This essay is going to review the meeting between Pamela Jackson (Director of New Product Development), and Nob Sato (research analyst).

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Critical analysis of the performance review meeting

This performance review process did not go as well as it could have because, there were a number of anomalies that emerged during and before the review meeting. Based on the introductory remarks of Pamela, it was quite apparent that, she had not adequately prepared for this review. It emerges that she was not able to go through the individual assessment presented by Nob prior to this meeting and, she was not fully informed of the performance level of Nob. Further, Pamela also refers to other employee’s opinions in the review process with regards to Nob’s performance. As a director, Pamela should have acted more professionally by evaluating facts rather than hearsay.

Another notable anomaly revolves around the fact that Pamela did not give Nob the required attention. This was illustrated during the meeting, instead of listening to what Nob had to say in defense of his low performance accusations; Pamela was busy writing a message using her phone. This is disrespectful, and, it begs the question if Pamela was acting in the interest of the company or she was just being rude. Further, even though Nob’s performance was not up to standards, Pamela should have taken the time to highlight all his achievements, before offering constructive criticism to his downfall as opposed to her being rude and judgmental.

Dangers in having a poorly designed and administered performance review process

Designing and administering techniques are integral towards assessing the performance of employees. If the two are not in order, then, a number of faults are likely to occur. Such faults can introduce biasness into the review process. Some of the most common biasness introduced into the process include cultural and strictness biasness. This might also lead to low staff morale that renders the review process undesirable for both the employer and the employee.

Some review processes are more concerned about organizational goals, and as such, they end up setting extremely high standards that compromise on the welfare of employees. In addition, if the review process is not well structured, it might create room for victimization as some managers are likely to take advantage of the system for their individual gains or office politics. This mostly happens when managers feel that the person they are assessing is a threat to their job.

Changes needed in the performance appraisal process at Technologies Complete

Performance review is extremely valuable towards actualizing organizational goals; therefore, it should be well formulated. Based on the case of Pamela and Nob, the fact that Pamela was not trained or properly oriented to the appraisal process calls for a dire need to ensure that all assessing officers are properly trained to conduct reviews. Therefore, Technologies Complete should purpose on exposing managers to issues that relate on how to handle employees and how to maximize on constructive criticism. This way, individuals who are expected to assess other employees become more aware of the purpose of the performance review and the importance of conducting it meticulously and professionally.

The company should also come up with a standard format for the review process. This is in relation to the fact that, Pamela did not go through Nob’s previous performance review, and, neither did she go through the personal assessment prepared for this review. The standard format will ensure that the process is chronological and that it follows due process. The format should also clearly indicate that, the basis of reprimanding or praising employees should wholly relay on factual information that has been collected over time rather than hearsay. The format should also strive to include employees input.

Pamela’s conduct was not very friendly and thus, it compromised on the integrity of the review process. To deal with this issue, Technologies Complete needs to adapt a new organizational culture that strives to ensure a favorable climate that has a humanistic face. This calls for managers to be more approachable and friendly, as opposed to appearing like the enemy that every employee has to deal with during the performance review. This will make the employees feel more appreciated, and, that their input is highly valued and integrated into the organizational structure.

Lastly, Pamela was described as an individual who was not enthusiastic on embracing cultural interactions and, this notion contributed to her unprofessional conduct during the Performance review process. Therefore, I recommend that, Technologies Complete should come up with interactive activities such as annual staff games or dinners in order to allow more interaction among the staff members. This will help the employees become acquitted with the management team thus, facilitating an efficient communication process. Further, this will also deal with anxiety as depicted by Nob prior to the review meeting.


In conclusion, it is vital to note that performance review is beneficial for any organization and that anything can go wrong during the process. Therefore, this calls for organizations to design and implement the process professionally by following set out standard procedures.


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