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Muller A. Richard is an American professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley. Born on January 6, 1944 Muller is also a faculty senior at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Muller’s experience is rich in that he clearly has the qualifications for writing on the subject matter. Muller went to ColumbiaUniversity in New York where he obtained an A. B degree, and he gets his PhD degree in physics from the University of California. Muller’s career began as a graduate student doing experiments in particle physics and working with dream chambers under the Nobel laureate Luis Alvarez. During this time, his contributions include co-creation of accelerator mass spectrometry and some of the first measurements of anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background. He is also a member Jason Defense Advisory Group that brings leading scientists together as consultants for the United States Department of Defense.

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In addition to the book Physics for future presidents, other works of Muller include Nemesis. In this other book, he suggests that the sun could have undetected companion dwarf star. Sometime in his career, Muller works in other branches of science, in particular, the Earth sciences. In Earth science, he attempts to analyze ice dynamics at the core-mantle boundary, ice ages, biodiversity through time, ice ages, and the processes associated with impact crating. Muller’s other qualification is testifying to the U.S House Science in March 2011, confirming to the Space and Technology Committee about the preliminary data on global warming trend.

In its reviews, New York Times regards Muller’s book as well informative and entertaining. He presents more info on atoms, antimatter, and other subjects that are gearing towards nonscientists. As for popular science, Brian Clegg refers to the book as a superb physics textbook for nonscientists and scientists with particularly intriguing information. Choice simply describes Muller’s work as a good one that comprehensively describes the physics basis of technological infrastructure of the social world.

The book contains the relevant physics that students require in order to understand the current’s core science and technology matters and to become the next generation of globe leaders. Muller gets his information from the courses he studies at Berkeley. Careful examination through manuscripts and documents and from his personal experience, Muller is capable of presenting a challenging book that gives power to students to make informed decisions.

Muller sources are responsible considering they are from his own works, and he is an eminent scientist in the United States. Muller indicates where he gets his information by citing some of past experiments, studies and cases. As a reader of Muller’s book, I think he explains his evidence carefully without. He presents information that is relevant and enables one to see his works. In addition to this information, his conclusions and interpretations flow logically from his experiments and studies. There is no misinterpretation of information in all evidence he presents in his book. In his conclusion, the author clearly and intellectually concludes his work and leaves no doubt that the information is relevant to all of us.

Muller presents his stuff is logically and intellectually that it quite thrills a reader. He presents exceptionally remarkable details about physics that excites every reader who has any interests in physics. The author organizes the book remarkably well, and this makes the book readable by anyone. The author targets both scientists and non-scientists in his book. Any interested nonprofessional or specialist will surely find Muller’s book immensely informative and entertaining.

As a physics student with future leadership ambitions, the impact and contribution one benefit from Muller’s book has no measure. From the book, a learner understands the field of physics deeply as he gives information from the basics to the most relevant results. Muller’s book is undoubtedly essential reading material for anyone with interest in physics.


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