Free Proverbs of Hell Essay Sample

“Awesome and quite interesting,” this were the first words that came from my mouth the moment I lay my eyes on this literary piece of work by William Blake. I look at these proverbs and cannot help thinking how much impact they may have on us if we carefully interpreted them. I take the burden and pleasure to try and interpret particular proverbs in this anthology so as to gain a deeper understanding of the same.

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Proverbs offer a motivation that helps human beings understand various issues in life depending on their interpretation.

Important Proverbs

 “…He who desires but acts not breeds pestilence… (Blake).” More often than not people have the passion and desire to achieve say a long term ambition. On many occasions, they take the literal meaning of the Biblical verse that talks about God being their provider, that when they submit their desires to Him, he will definitely see them through the tail end. As such, the author addresses the fact that people normally forget about the role that they play as individuals in making their dreams a reality. The literal meaning of this proverb is that in order for people to have what they desire, it is inevitable that they take a step towards achieving the set goal or else they will end up as failures.

However, a critical analysis of this proverb puts people in a rather hard position trying to connect the relationship between desires and reality. Blake is of the opinion that in however much people will desire and act, there hard work is what will eventually determine whether or not they will be able to achieve their goals. There are other external factors such as finances, educational background inter alia that will also dictate whether or not people will achieve what they wish for. Even so, this proverb aims at triggering their thoughts to always remember that there is no way they can dream big and sit waiting for nature to take its course in ensuring that they are successful. People ought to take initiative to work hard and make their desires a reality. As such, this proverb should serve as a motivation for people to always put an extra effort if at all they are to ever fulfill the desires of their hearts.

In connection with desire and acting, is the fact that human beings do not entirely depend on their own understanding but that of a higher being who put the different desires in their hearts. In this regard, Blake posits that “…The fox provides for himself but God provides for the lion...” In its most basic meaning, a fox is an animal that lives in the jungles, it survives through hunting and if he is lucky enough, he will get a prey and feed. On the other hand, the lion is the king of the jungle who cannot be threatened by any other animal; a lion is regarded as the most superior animal in the jungle. This proverb provides a deeper understanding on why the lion will never lack something to eat even in the driest of times. It can be argued that in order for human to achieve the desires of their hearts, they must be aligned to a greater power just like the lion. They have to be in a position to understand that however much they may try to work hard; they cannot make it on their own just like the fox.

Their success in life is dependent upon the will power of a greater being herein God. People who achieve in life are compared to lions since it is God who provides for their needs and desires. As such, it is imperative for human beings to always consider submitting their plans to God before going out to act on fulfilling their heart’s desires. The relationship between these two proverbs therefore is such that the desires that people have will be acted upon only if they took the initiative of connecting with the provider who is God. Just like a fox, if they depend on their own understanding and power, they are bound to fail.  They ought to be like lions that depend on God for provision. 

Having understood the relationship between having a desire and connecting with God is the fact that human beings ought to cultivate patience and readiness to nurture their desires. “…To create a little flower is the labour of ages… (Blake),” is another very profound proverb that proves the fact that nothing comes easy. Literally, when a farmer intends to harvest roses, he begins by preparing the seed bed after which he will put the seedlings on the soil and wait for the same to germinate before transplanting to the greenhouse for growth. All these are a process that a farmer must undergo if he is to have a good yield. In between there are many challenges that may at times prove too hard to overcome but somehow he will manage.

It is therefore evident that in order for people to achieve their goals and desires, they ought to have the patience of a farmer and the perseverance of a manual labourer. Nothing comes easy in life and just like a flower; people ought to treat their challenges and desires with utmost care and patience. Such desires need to take time before they become a reality lest people remain disappointed and curse their hurried actions. They should be ready to nurture their ambitions to maturity so as to be in a position to celebrate their efforts. When people labour in sunshine, they will harvest in rain and enjoy the abundance of their harvest. In this regard, they should submit their desires to God and wait for God to work on them since he is the greatest provider who will never lack. Human beings are lions before Him and not fox.


In conclusion, human beings should always be ready to take their challenges positively and turn them into opportunities owing to the fact that “…A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees… (Blake).” Whereas a fool will look at challenges as obstacles, a wise man will look at them as opportunities. They should desire to cultivate a habit of not looking at their challenges as major obstacles but instead look at them as opportunities that will make them think outside the box and come up with solutions. Proverbs therefore exist to motivate people into thinking deeper and come up with many ways of dealing with their day to day issues. Proverbs help people to brainstorm when faced with situations that need them to think deep and critically. Depending with how one will interpret a proverb, he will find solutions to critical his issues.  

Proverbs of Hell is a great piece of literature that provides its readers with a number of proverbs that may just turn out to be very helpful to individuals faced with issues to deal with. The author has divided the proverbs into two categories the first being proverbs about their day to day lives and the second part being more about their relationship with God. These proverbs are a sum total of their daily challenges and solutions to these problems that they face. 


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