Free Improving Public Speaking Skills for Engaging Presentations Essay Sample

Face to face communication is among the top most effective means of communication. Although use of mobile phones is a great invention, most people still prefer to communicate in person. Therefore there comes a time when one needs to make a great presentation to a multitude of people and therefore needs to have a great presentation. Prior to this presentation, one needs to make adequate preparation in order to create the desired effect. The first thing to know should be that desired end. Goals must be set before the presentation so that you can easily know whether you have succeeded in your presentation later on.

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If it is a book you are going to present on, it always right to give it a great introduction that can arouse the attention of the audience and get them stay tuned. For example one can say, “a lifeless speech has begun and yet everyone is looking at email on their phone” this can enable the speaker get the attention of the audience.  One should also be unpredictable and can even skip introductions that are tedious with the aim of shaking things a little. This is aimed at engaging the listeners from the moment the speaker opens his or her mouth to speak.

One can also opt to ask a question that is counterintuitive which will make people think that they know the tight answer but then you decide to tell them the whole truth and will act like a frame to start the presentation. For example one can opt to start by “Where do you think there is most violations fro most violation of copyrights by China? Most people would say phones. But the speaker can point out the answer by “it really involves Prozac” From there you have taken their attention by surprise. Then you can go on with the issues of trade, legal issues after gaining that attention.

The other way of gaining the attention of the audience is by making and attention getting statement. After this, one should opt to segue into ways of getting to a level ground and after having all that, the audience can best see where they fit into the attention getting statement. One can begin by saying “people that are attractive are known to be more persuasive than those that are average looking, can you think how this affects your business?

The next step to take to own a room, is to narrate a personal story. A great presenter should spend the first few minutes of an introduction and tell the audience about something surprising. One should illustrate how passionate he or she is about that small story by use of personal anecdote. It should be made to be riveting the audience and should present visual details that will help the audience in getting what the presenter is trying to communicate. One should note that people prefer hearing stories to lectures. Such stories are usually believable and can even be remembered long after narration.

The reason of doing all these is to tailor the attention of the audience to the presenter. Therefore one needs to share personal experiences, concepts, stories and make them to be relevant to the listener’s experiences. These are meant to signal to the audience that you know the needs and expectations of the audience.

One should also reveal his personal values by becoming a human being to his or her audience because this will give them a window to his or her feelings and thoughts to the audience. After this, the audience will feel that they know you, and then you proceed with making your presentation. This will go a long way in quickly understanding your context, intention and even the passion.

One can try using for practice and this will provide a great opportunity to put all the wisdom to work. After you are through with your presentation, one should ensure that he or she closes well with may be a wise saying.


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