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The world has seen so many movies and there are many who boast of having watched many of these movies they classify as world class. Well, mention can be made of several movies that qualify to be called world class, but any movie fanatic who is yet to watch Act of Valor is yet to watch a super world class movie. Talk about characterization, setting, precision, storyline, sequencing and action, and if there is any movie ever seen in our generation that scores more points in these areas than this movie, then that movie was only seen in a dream. Act of Valor is the movie of the moment and would continue to reign on the charts for such a long time to come.

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To know that the movie was directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh and written by Kurt Johnstad should bring all doubts to an end as to why this movie is being described as the best ever! This is because Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh are ace directors; whiles Kurt Johnstad is a tried and tested scriptwriter. Writing on a very real subject of kidnap rescue mission, the writer succeeds in fusing that task with a quest to take down terrorists who plan to attack America. Perhaps, after watching this movie, the doubting Thomas’s who thought America is ill-prepared for major terrorist attacks after the killing of Osama bin Laden will rethink. Simply put, America is as prepared as a pregnant woman expecting her baby because this movie gave me the assurance that there are able men and women who are ready to fight till the last drop of their blood, all in the name of America. For once also, I was offered too much hope that the security agencies can go about their duty without fear of their lives because even in events like kidnapping, there are committed backups to move heaven and hell to get them rescued. If you have not seen it yet, go see Act of Valor and learn in a personal way, how you can also play your role in defending your community and country!


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