Free Summary of the Article A Third of Life by Paul Martin’s Essay Sample

Paul Martin's main thesis of his article A Third of Life is “Our collective indifference towards sleep has enormous and largely avoidable costs.” He emphasized mainly on the dangers which a human being might expose them to by depriving them sleep. Paul also noted that the modern society is ignorant to the behavior know as sleep as they do not understand the real mechanism on the importance of sleep and its role in human beings creativity, biological and medical realm (Herculodge, 2009).

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In relation to human being biology he pointed out that our bodies has electronic mechanisms which trigger biological clock for us to sleep and wakeup every day without a need for an alarm. If we intend to deprive human beings sleep it will also be costly, Martin noted if people are deprived sleep they will not dream and without dream there is less which a human being can achieve. Much of the creative work is done through dreams such as writers or artists.

Martin noted that ignorance of necessity to sleep by most of the medical doctors with some paying less attention on the importance of sleep. He proved this by the fact that some doctors could not be able to diagnose symptoms which would arise if someone was deprived sleep. Martin noted that its importance for doctors to understand on the importance of sleep by realizing on the effect which their patients would have if they are deprived sleep.

In summary the article A Third of Life by Paul Martin’s was written with an aim of highlighting the importance of sleep and how it would affect someone whom is deprived sleep. Martin mainly emphasized on deprivation of sleep and its effect to dream, biological makeup and medical effects which one would experience.  He also noted that there are cultural hostility that idle time is referred to as being unproductive and the hostile sleeping environment should be done away with such as use of alarms to wake someone.


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