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Natalie Angier investigated how cute affected our society and she published her findings in a New York Times article The Cute Factor. According to scientists who study the evolution of visual signaling, there are far wide features and behaviors that make something look cute. Cuteness according to these scientists is distinct and can be a pair of round face, floppy limbs while emphasizing soft over refined, clumsy over quick and rounded over sculptured. 

Natalie Angier argues that according to researchers, cuteness is very different from beauty. Some of the distinctions between beauty and cuteness include emphasizing on soft over refined, clumsy over quick, rounded over sculptured. Scientists put cute cues as those that can be classified to ooze youthfulness, harmlessness, vulnerability and they insist that attending to them makes Darwinian sense. According to these researchers, the human cuteness detector is set at a very low bar, that anything small and resembling a human baby head is classified as cute. This means that practically everything young is cute as long as it has a circular head. Unlike cute, beauty attracts admiration while cuteness attracts affection.

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Cute is one word that everyone tends to associate with in different ways. We more often than not make such phrases like “that’s cute”, “you are cute” and “I want it cute” when talking about something we can understand well. A lot of what is deemed as cute nevertheless relies on gross examination of human features. Take for example a doll without some of the human features, eyes missing, will that doll be perceived as cute? Additional of features like curves and softness makes it more appealing. But can the above description be said to be beautiful? Is beauty universally accepted and is it that all that is cute is beautiful, or what are the differences between being cute and beautiful?

The concept of beauty that we see in a person or place is hard to explain because the perception of beauty differs from one person to another. But what is beauty? Most people will agree with me that a rose is beautiful. A shining moon on a dark night can be said to be beautiful. A person may not be beautiful to look at but the person’s deeds may be deemed to be beautiful. But what makes a person beautiful. Some will agree with me that beauty is on the smile of a loved one. But can a snake, albeit poisonous, be said to be beautiful? I believe so, a snake with a beautiful skin can be said to be beautiful, but is it really beautiful? Or it is just beautiful to look at? That will depend on each person’s account. Otherwise defines beauty as the quality present in a person or a thing that gives deep satisfaction to the mind arising from shape, color or sound. Thus beauty can be said to be those fascinating qualities in something that makes it look spectacular. But sometimes beauty can be the hidden inside and will depend how the beholder will view it. Therefore, it will be right to go with the old adage that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

It seems that beauty cannot be easily defined by one sentence. Women who want to look or feel beautiful may use cosmetics to fulfill their desires. Today, beauty is unobtainable it seems, women who are considered as supermodels have been modified and airbrushed to look beautiful. Some of the “beautiful” women have resorted to cosmetic surgery to look more beautiful or result to certain eating (dis)orders to look or feel more beautiful. The media also has twisted our understanding of beauty by referring to celebrities as being beautiful, and we tend to believe their word.

Basically, it is hard to quantify beauty and everyone will develop their own standards of beauty more often than not taking cues from our family, society, celebrities or our peers. Researchers have also compounded the issue by honing the idea of symmetry as being part of a universal beauty standard. Also, it is worth noting that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder as each person has his/her own standards for beauty. Over to you the reader, do you think you are beautiful?


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