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Recently, I have been watching different movies ranging from action to comedy genres. What is amazing is the how movies have changed and developed from what we were once used to in the previous years. There are movies which have developed and become better than before. They have improved in production and the technology they now use. On the other hand, other movies have changed from being better to worse. They have become confusing and they have changed the thrill of what movies were traditionally. One movie in particular, 'The Green Hornet' caught my eye because it was in both categories.

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The Green Hornet is a comedy-action movie about a super hero and his side kick who are posing as criminals to fight crime. Britt, an irresponsible man, who loves partying and women, does not have the same ideologies as his father. After the death of his father, Britt inherits his father's wealth including the Los Angeles newspaper company 'The Daily Sentinel.' After burying his father, he goes to drink with one of his assistant Kato. They realize that they hate his father and they decide to go where the statue of his father was and remove the head. In the process, they stop criminals from mugging a woman. The problem is the police mistake them as criminals and they start chasing them. When they go back home they decide to become superheroes posing as criminals. The Green Hornet is born alongside with his martial art side kick. They move into the underworld to understand the criminals so that they can fight them. In the process, they find the murderer of his father. They eventually find and kill him in the twist and turn of events in the film.

Before I started watching this movie there were many things running through my head. With the numerous trailers and reviews about the movie in the television, I decided that this particular movie was a must watch.  I had expected spectacular use of technology, an action filled and comedy all in one movie. In the part of technology and the action that is contained in the movie it did not discourage me. It has the up to date technology for example, the car that was being used by the super heroes is of modern technology. Technology is not only shown in the car but also it is present in Britt's residence and the offices of the newspaper. The most amazing thing is the way technology has been used to create such a beautiful super hero film.

Another good thing that caught my eye in the movie is the action part of it. It is very modern and of the next level. The martial arts used by the side kick are modern as compared to the traditional ones in the Chinese films. Additionally, the combination of technology and action in the movie has brought about what is to be expected in the movies. The movie has changed what was there tradition to a totally whole new thing. It is such kind of action that kept me glued to the television without moving.

On the other hand, the movie was not that exciting and it was poorly done in some areas. The movie is described as comedy-action, but honestly there is not even one point in the movie I laughed or smiled. The producers and the directors of the movie forgot about the comedy part of the movie, and concentrated more on the technology and action and how they were going to be bled in together. Therefore, I think the movie is all about the action and the technology than the comedy part. It is because of this reason that I think the movie should not be called a comedy movie.

The storyline of the movie is remarkably nice and realistic. The only problem is that the actors or the way the movie has been produced is not realistic. For a child of the age of thirteen and above watching the movie, they would not find the super hero green hornet as the best role model. At first, he uses a lot of violence which is not good for the kids. Secondly, the language is too vulgar for the children. Lastly, there are scenes that are a bit sexual. For instance, when he is caught by his father in his room with a naked woman, is not good for kids. Therefore, I think such a super hero cannot be the best role model for kids as compared to the likes of batman, superman and spider man.

Lastly, the movie does not create a connection or a bond with its viewers. For example, in other super hero movies like batman or superman, one gets attached to the super hero. The way the super heroes usually catching the criminals, and the different setbacks they face and how they finally emerge as heroes by eliminating the threats posed by those criminals. This creates an attachment between the viewers and the super heroes. On the contrary, in the green hornet, there is no connection between the viewers and the super hero. This is because there is no reality in the film despite the movie having a plot that is realistic.


In the world of movies, they have really evolved as compared to what was there traditionally. The movies have either evolved for the better or worse as compared to what they were before. This has been clearly shown in the movie 'The Green Hornet.' Critically thinking, the green hornet has changed the technology used in movies for the better where the productivity has been tremendously improved. On the other hand, the movie has destroyed the image of super heroes. This is due to the foul language and nudity. Lastly, the movie has removed that emotional connection between the viewers and the actors that was there traditionally.


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