Free The Lord of the Ring: the Fellowship of the Ring Essay Sample

Similarities between Middle Earth and the World Today

The film 'The Lord of the Rings' reveals significant similarities to the modern world as depicted in the conflict, which takes centre stage in the 'middle earth.' The nature of the good acts acting against evils can be seen in the film in many sections. Similarly, the film depicts the transition of good to evil, which essentially marks the origin of evil. For instance, we see Saruman demonstrating an inherent acquisition of inherent pride, which leads to his undying affection to acquire power. Initially, he seems to be a being full of wisdom and wielding good character traits; however, he falls prey to his greed and wants to acquire the ring for himself, and in order to achieve this he decides to groom warriors for the task. In the current world, it is normal to come across such people of good will and intentions, but they later become influenced by power and greed leading to their involvement in potential harmful activities to themselves and their subjects.

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This entrance of evil also marks the loss of honor and innocence as seen in Saruman's case. For instance, Saruman's close acquaintance Gandalf initially had significant doubts regarding the intentions of Saruman; however, due to the level of trust his suspicions never lead to any fruitful discovery about Saruman's intentions. This leads to the potential loss of honor in Saruman in the end. In the modern day world it is common to come across such incidents in which leaders indulge themselves in corrupt activities leading to their formal disgrace before the eyes of the population. In essence, this marks the exposure of their inner traits, which overshadow the previously established status quo.

The theme of seductiveness forms a significant part of the film, which reflects similar in today's world. For example, the changes we observe in Saruman originally come from Sauron's influence through the clever application of the seeing stone of Orthanic. Sauron successfully demonstrated the fact that he wielded more power; hence, he could use this to potentially lure Saruman into doing his deeds. He uses the cunning voice to deceive people. This is because his voice is has a feel of melody and low in volume; hence, most people are easily tricked and in the end they become involved in Sauron's desires. In the modern day world such kinds of people exist in different geographical entities. As a matter of fact, in the present world there is an upsurge of forgery and trickery, which are potentially hidden in people or activities that appear to be genuine, leading to a seductive effect of people to participate in them.

The middle earth also demonstrates an element of loyalty as different characters portray allegiance to their significant others. We can see this where Celebron is captured and driven out of the middle earth but Elrond remains to ensure the survival of Dunedain's generations despite the significant suffering involved as Sauron sought to reclaim power to himself. Elrond finally leads to the ultimate destruction of Sauron by encouraging the population of the middle earth to oppose his tyrannical rule. This further exposes the element of a strong bond existing between him and Dunedain, which signals their inherent friendship. Finally, his act of withstanding the suffering amid the challenges brought about by Sauron further expose an element of sacrifice for this generation.

Aspects of Cinema

The Lord of the Rings pursues a careful use of the Choice of Camera Angles in the different scenes. First, the camera angles chosen for the fundamentally aim at creating the desired views by bringing into focus the critical objects of the film. Secondly, the lighting in the various scenes serves to bring in the disparities in time and location in the Lord of the Rings. Some scenes appear dark while others have distinct illumination. Thirdly, the editing works for the film were carefully done in order to bring into life the required setting, which can be seen in the different scenes with regard to sound and picture. For instance, pictures have carefully been edited to bring out the real life perspective into some of the distinctively unique, which are elements of human fiction. The editing done on sound also serve to support character individual character descriptions, and this well incorporated with the surrounding or background sounds depending on the setting. Fourthly, the film has a distinct choice of background music, which can be seen in almost all individual scenes. This has been well incorporated with adequate sound effects that serve to elaborate on the intended features for each unique context. The music provides a great accompaniment to the viewer and also serves to enhance the intended themes in the film. Lastly, the visual effects are phenomenal and lead to the characterization of an epic quality and tone, which is strongly incorporated in the film as demonstrated in the different sections.


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