Free “The Nation at War” Critical Review Essay Sample

The chapter “The Nation at War” deals with the history of the United States of the first 20 years of the 20th century. The politics, both external and internal, of the three presidents is discussed: Woodrow Wilson, William Taft and Theodore Roosevelt

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In general I can say that I sympathize with the policy of the USA about neutrality and not intervening into foreign affairs, as long as they do not have an influence on the domestic affairs as well. Especially Wilson made a stress on that. What was interesting, though, is that American presidents did everything possible to establish the country as the world super power at the beginning of the 20th century. It seems to me that the two policies contradict each other: it is not possible to be neutral in foreign affairs, and at the same time gain dominating power in the world arena.

Therefore, I consider it logical that the USA got itself into the World War I, even though it was proclaiming keeping neutrality till the end. Being the world power that it strived to be, the USA had to take one or the other side, especially seeing that the state, as well as the businessmen, considered war to be quite profitable for them, selling things to both Germany, as well as Allies. Doing that the USA increased commercial ties with Britain and France, and gained a lot of profits too.

Another conclusion that I came to is that war never brings profits. It can seem like this, when the state gains immediate profits, be it monetary, or in terms of influence and power. Being a progressive state as it was before the war, after it the progressive reforms in the USA slowed down. The nation supporting the war when it was at place, very fast became disillusioned with it, and angry at the government, which is quite logical and understandable.


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