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The two stories, story of an hour and Miss Brill are centered in the love of Louise and a teacher respectively. In the story of an hour Louise mourns the death of her husband and reflects on her future as a widow. In the book Miss Brill, the teacher is lonely and spends much of her time listening to stories and discussions of other couples. The characters in the two stories go through tough moments. Miss Louise mourns her husband death while Miss Brill is hurt by the comments of a woman in the young couple. The two short stories talk about the love of women and the challenges encountered in love affairs.

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The book story of an hour is set in an indoors environment. The other book Miss Brill’s setting takes place in an adventurous outdoor at the park. The setting of story of an hour revolves in a family of Mr. Brentley where there is grief. The family falls in helter skater due to the information that Mr. Brentley dies of a train accident. In the park where the story of Miss Brill takes place, implies that teacher is in a mission of getting a lover at social avenues. 

The story of an hour by Kate Chopin is a short story published in 1894, and it is a narration of a one-hour span in the life of Mrs. Mallard. She has a heart condition that causes great concern about her in her sister Josephine and a friend to her husband by the name Richards. They are so terrified because of speculating the impact the news about her husband’s death would have in her after receiving news of her husband’s death in a train accident.  Richards received the tragic news when intelligence on the rail disaster was revealed with Brently.

Mallard’s name coming appearing first on the list of those killed. The news astounded Richards prompting him to get himself assured by the help of a second telegram. Afterwards the sad news reaches Mrs. Mallard, who uniquely accepts the importance of the message and wept at once, with abrupt, violent abandonment, in her sister’s hands. After venting her anger, she walked to her room unaccompanied. While in her room she stood and faced a window that was open, a roomy chair that was of fantastic comfortable. She was troubled by the physical exhaustion that tore her flesh and almost reached her soul. The world was stuck, never to move again; she sat down and threw her head over the chair’s cushion. Mrs. Mallard had no emotions, safe only when a cry filled her throat and shook her. Her husband’s death transformed her from being young, with a fine, gentle face whose weak lines bespoke subjugation and even a certain degree of strength. She now had a dull look in her eyes, whose glimpse was fixed; further yonder on a given patch of the high blue sky.

 Symbolism in this story (The story of an hour) is manifested when clouds are used to symbolize that man’s life is short lived just like the clouds Louise sees through the window. The open window is symbolic of the new life that Louise is going to live without her husband. This is because we open windows in our homes to let in fresh air and expel bad air. As Louise rose up to quit her room “there was a feverish triumph in her eyes, she walked “unwittingly like a goddess”. The goddess of victory symbolizes Louise’s conquer over repression. It also represents her victory over the powerful will that bends her eyes in the dark persistence of with which human beings believe that they are entitled to impose a private wish upon a fellow being, which had restrained her so much in her marriage. There is also the use of description in this story. This is when Louise describes her husband’s hands as being tender, his gaze as loving. The reader sees irony in the book Louise’s thinking that both men and women oppress each other even if they do it out of kindness. It is known something done out of kindness can never be oppressive. It is also ironical that Louise cries the death of her husband and later she jumps in ecstasy of her newly found independence. To those in the living room (Louise, Josephine and Richards) they were certain that Brently died. It is ironical to them that the door runs open and Louise’s husband gets in. To Richards and Josephine, the death of Josephine was to be caused by her receiving of the news that her husband had died of a rail accident. The death of Louise is caused by the happiness of learning that her husband was alive. The cause of Louise’s death is ironical to the two Josephine and Richards.

Miss Brill is a short story written by Katherine Mansfield.  The story in this section it is on or is all about the middle-aged teacher of English residing by the Jardins publiques, public gardens in a French town. The story picks off by Miss Brill making decisions on her fur. She says dear small thing, it was pleasant to feel it again. The hair is something she cherishes the fur, as she rubs the fur seeming like putting a lively sense into the eyes. It routinely follows her on a Sunday afternoon in the park. On this afternoon, Miss Brill whiles it away by walking and sitting in the park. Miss Brill Perceives the world to be a game, were it a stage, she draws much pleasure from seeing the people surrounding her. She always judged them contemptuously and eavesdropping on the strangers. Miss Brill’s life is not full and therefore she must have devised ways on how she develops her pride. After reaching at the park, she keenly observes that there are large numbers of people than there were during her previous visit to the park and the band is noticeably louder because the season had started. She sat on a bench and bordered with a couple of old people. Unfortunately, the couple was mum and their lack of dialogue disappointed her.  She had accustomed to sitting in other people’s lives even for a minute because she found it enjoyable. Miss Brill notices that the people sitting on the benches were alike. The people were elderly, quiet, lazy, and lacked civilization. In making clear the image of the people at the bench the author of the book Miss Bill has used description. While Miss Brill was at the bench, a woman drops her violet roses that are later picked by a little boy. The boy made an effort and took the flowers to the woman.  The woman goes on and later disposes the flowers. The disposal of the flowers troubled Miss Brill since she was unaware whether that act was to be highly regarded.

Miss Brill feels that she was participating in the play, because she frequented the park on every Sunday. She starts dreaming on how she reads four times to an elderly man in a week. She imagines and plays an incident in her mind with the man. She foresees that the man will no longer through the stories when he realizes that she was an actor and he would become very participatory and excited. Going on with her plan of the play as the group played an original novel song, she saw everybody in the park playing in the song. This makes her start crying instead of drawing happiness and laughter. Her crying is ironical at this point and can be said to be use of irony in the story. As time passed on by a young couple takes the position of the earlier couple at the bench.  Miss Brill is filled with the anxiety of wanting to hear from them. Contrary to her expectations, the boy makes a rude statement about the woman being a “silly old thing”. The girl makes a retaliatory statement saying, its Miss Bills fu-fur that is funny. This statement hurts her because she was too much in love of the fur. This statement affects miss Bill making her goes home without buying cookies as she used to while walking on her way home. After arriving at her home, Miss Bill hears a cry. It is ironical that she hears a cry fooling herself that it is a different person crying.

In The story of an hour, there is the theme of love. Mrs. Mallard permits herself time to meditate upon the saddening news of her husband’s death. Mallard sobs uncontrollably but she realizes much agony is awaiting her when she shall see the gentle lovely hands folded in the irreversible death. Sister to Louise has also much affection to her sister, when she locks herself up in her room crying the death of her husband; she goes to the door leading to her room. While at the door, she cries and persuades her sister to open the door because she thinks she will make herself sick. In the book, Miss Bill there is a theme of love. It is clear that Miss bill the main Character is in love with her fur. Since fur is not a human being, there is personification of the fur.

In the story, miss Bill symbolism manifest itself clearly. The Fur she points to is a “rogue”, it is very ironical that she strongly is attached to this garment. It is expected by the reader that Miss Bill loves somebody but it is ironical to realize she is in love with the fur. The fur symbolizes a rogue who is an adventurer who is not present in her life. The fur experiences everything similar to her. The undergoes worst ordeals when it is hit in the nose same to the pain she underwent when the lady in the young couple made a bad remark, and when returning to the box, crying for its destruction as Miss Bill cries for her hurt soul.

Ermine toques the nice far decays and loses its quality, symbolizes and represents those that were sitting on the benches back at the park and even miss Bill. Miss bills emotions are many just like the music band many genres of songs. The two short stories address themes of love, use literary forms of writing like symbolism, irony among many other similarities.

The dissimilarity linking the two stories is that the book story of an hour talks about love at a marriage level. It is also marked with sorrow of the imaginative death of Mr. Brently due to a road accident. The book Miss Brill talks about the relentless efforts of making love expressed by the teacher. It further details about how human beings can express love to lifeless things that cannot do the same in return to her. 

Lastly, the two stories get to an end with many revelations. The story Miss Brill ends with frustrations to the teacher.  Miss Brill is hurt and does not get a lover. The story of an hour comes with eventualities that are contrary to Louise’s expectations. It is intriguing to read about the fate of the two women.  Miss Louise’s husband never dies while Miss Brill never gets a rogue to cherish and give her heart. The predicaments facing the two main characters are so disheartening that I never wish for them.  


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