Free “The Sword in the Stone” Review Essay Sample

The sword in the stone, is one of the children movies by White T H. It is both legendary and mythical in nature. It employs several methods of communicating interestingly, especially to make it interesting for children, it uses humor and description of adventure, bringing out a sense of fantasy. ‘Bad News Bear,’ describes a football match by young Bears who were poorly trained and the fact that they were young, could not play any good game. The coach Buttermaker Morris hoped to make it a good team that could in future participate in a major game. At some point, he had to recruit his daughter who had divorced and a hitter who was strong enough to help build his team. He was, however, not a role model and he even ended up advising a kid to cheat his parents and another to ensure that the ball hits him deliberately in order to make a base for his team.

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‘The African queen,’ gives a story of Rose who was a priest’s sister and Mr. Allnut, a boat captain. When Rose’s brother commits suicide, she remains helpless and decides to escape from the village; she is saved by the Captain who agrees with her to destroy the German Louisa but fails when the African queen capsizes in a storm. They ended up getting married and escaped death. ‘The black stallion,’ describes a story of a young boy who, while on a journey with his father in the ocean, notices a horse and becomes fond of it. The horse at first, does not like him but when the fire erupted in the ship, the young boy freed the horse and were both tossed to the sand shore. Their relationship began and they became close friends and trained on a race, where they became the best racing pair.

The day the Earth Stood Still,’ talks of the arrival of an Alien to America. The Alien transforms and starts developing when placed in an incubator. He grows and when Dr. Benson interrogates him, he says that he had been sent to save the earth; he later meets another alien, who had been sent to live for 70 years on earth. There occurs a disaster with the robot when placed in a facility for experimental purposes. Klaatu, the alien comes to safe it and all humanity is finally saved. ‘A league of their own,’ gives a story of two sisters who always compete for everything. When the elder was chosen to play in the baseball league, she agreed to join only if her sister was also allowed to join her in the team.

‘Chariots of fire,’ focuses on two men who are great athletes in Britain. To them; running is a way of declaring their own dignity. This is a flash back of the young, strong, and energetic men who are now dead. These men believed that running was a game that one could only win if he or she badly wanted to. ‘Little princess,’ tells us of a little girl named Sara whose father went to war during the First World War. She went to a school in New York and while she was there, clashed with the school headmistress, who wanted to stifle her good judgment on self-worth as well as her creativity. She is, however, discouraged and lost the sense of her worth when she was told that her father had been killed and the British government had confiscated their estate.

In ‘The Gold Rush,’ Charlie comes across two men Jim and Larsen. Jim looks friendly, but Larsen is a thief and a killer. He in fact, went for Charlie one day, imagining that he was to kill a big chicken with his axe. Larsen is killed; Charlie goes to look for gold rush where he falls in love with Georgia, a saloon woman. They managed to get a lot of wealth and they in the company of Georgia returned home. ‘Twenty thousand leagues under the sea,gives the story of three men in a submarine, designed by Captain Nemo. The professor enjoys being inside the submarine while his friend Conseil sees it as being imprisoned and tries to escape any time he gets a chance to. They finally managed to escape and gained their own freedom.


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