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Veneto is a small province that is located in the north of Italy. The Veneto region constitutes of four main portion of Venetia which together makes up the northeast quarter of the whole country. On the north there is a hauntic crag of the mountain and the region occupies the marshy deltas of Po and Brenta rivers. The name Veneto originated from the original inhibits called veneti who are from the roman culture. In the southern part, there is so much populated and most of them do agriculture in their small farms. They mainly focus on planting plantations like maize, soy beans, vegetables, fruits and renowned wines. They do fishing too and have a lot of tourist attractions in their land like the Dolomite Mountains, seaside resorts and lakes like Lake Garda. 'Euganei' are the first people who inhibited the land and there are so little known about those people. This region was the first region to be affected by the barbarian and most of the politician moved their interests towards the area.

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The region lies between Alps and Adriatic Sea and it was later populated by the Etruscan and the Greeks in their early stages in the history. The area later collapsed with the ruling of the Roman Empire and through that disagreement, there was division of areas which now remain as the seven states in the area. These include; Belluno, Treviso, Rovigo, Padua, Vincenza, Venice and Verona. In Veneto, different land brings in different foods and drinks and each province has its technical recipe showing the pride of their culture. The cuisine use pasta and risotto. Fish dishes include sarde in saor that they prepare using vinegar and onions, parsley and garlic. Another fine dish that is so much loved is the rice cooked with risotto primavera that is made with veggies butter and some little bit of parmesan cheese. This food is well enjoyed with valpolicella or some soave classico from Veneto (Moretti 387).

Being one of the 20 regions in Italy, it is densely populated with a number of 4.8 million people living in the area. Veneto is receiving more immigrants compared to any other region in the country. This is probably due to its culture and that they have a different direction of life compared to most countries in the continent. They do not use roads but waterways unlike other countries. Its capital is Venice and has ruled for a long period of time (Fabris 298).

One can easily compare Venice to Mecca as it is the only place in the whole world which needs to be viewed at least once in once lifetime. Locals and visitors including Arabs and Turks and Asians have familiarized themselves so much with the cuisines such that the food became so much known and diffused. The people there are so much gifted that they have learned to prepare the common fish in thirty different methods and still make it remain very delicious. They call it 'baccala'. There is another meal called 'minestra di pasta e fagioli' which is prepared using beans and polenta.

It is a very simple meal yet very delicious. Venetians love to move from one asteria to another testing the red wine before settling down for their dinner. Italian wines are the best recognized wines in the whole world and for the past thirty years, they have undergone a great metamorphosis. There is this popular drink called Spritz that is liked by so many people in the area. It usually contains 1/3 sparkling wine and 2/3 Aperol. If anyone will ask next time where is the best place to be taken for a holiday, mention Italy and make sure you insist on Veneto Italy. It is a place one must visit before he dies (Wilding 195).


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