Free Anthropology Study of Humanity Essay Sample

Anthropology can be viewed as a study into humanity. It is the study related to all aspects of modern Homo sapiens as well as his ancestors. Humanity as the totality of mankind or the human race involves all the characteristics held in common by human beings such as empathy, fear, compassion etc

Language and other means of communication used today and across ages are a unifying factor in all Homo sapiens; in short, a creature is only human if it can speak. All humans have a habitat, where they live and from where they operate from. This goes back to the ancient ages where man was hosted by forest like then ecologically balanced ecosystems. This contrast sharply with modern Homo sapiens who have plaid a major role in offsetting balance in the natural ecosystem.

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Anthropology is deeply rooted in natural science, social science and humanities. It can be subdivided broadly into four categories;

  • Social cultural aspects
  • Linguistics aspects
  • Archaeological aspects
  • Biological aspects

Socio-cultural aspects-Human beings are social beings and for many years have lived in human societies. This peaceful coexistence was facilitated by set rules regulations as well as what is generally acceptable in a given society, generally known as norms. Culture is the way people live. This becomes cardinal in shaping humanity as it direct what should be done and what should not be done and has had its fare share of influence in the evolutionary journey, of which has produced a successful species  seen in modern man.

Archaeology aspects on the other hand, try to explain and expound on man’s unrecorded past using the obtainable evidences though sometimes very scanty. The evidences include such things as early human settlement, tools  paintings, their dwelling as well as the remains of their foods all preserved by various natural processes such as vulcanicity, sedimentation  etc. This has been useful and has helped archaeologist to trace and reconstruct humanities journey of evolution, as well as fill the gaps as per what is known about the journey. With various breakthroughs in technological advancement, the accuracy of archaeology is enhanced as well as its precision.

The study of living things is called biology. The living thing in question is anthropology being humans or humanity, the study becomes important in understanding the structure a general body and functions in humans and the overall effect are a better understanding of the human race. The general makeup is important and in sometimes relate to the behavior of the human race directly; For instance, human activities as well as various aspects of mans’ life has been for ages directly related to the level of development and the size of the brain. The process of adaptation of any species including man to his environment is directly correlated to genetic variability which is better explained and expounded by this branch of science. In summary, biology will be useful to sociocultural and archaeological evidences.

There is an interdisciplinary study of the various influences of language on man’s social life. This is called linguistic anthropology. Furthermore, there exist an enormous interrelationship between mankind social life and linguistics bearing in mind that aggregation of any population into a society depends fully on effective communication of one another as well as mutual understanding. Communication is shaped by language and this is the core interest of linguistic anthropologist in their operation. They seek to identify this effect and isolate it from other random effects that affect human communication and in turn influence mans social life. Insightful study of anthropology generally reveals much concerning what makes us humans.


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