Free Cloud Formation and Precipitation Essay Sample

Vertical movement plays a key role in the formation of clouds and for precipitation to take place. A vertical movement creates an environment that allows air to rise at a rate that will allow cooling to take place. In fact, when vertical movements occur, mass of air cools down at a constant rate which is a sufficient condition for clouds to be formed. In addition, vertical movements allow air to cool up to a temperature that allows condensation to take place at a given height. As a result of vertical movement, cloud and precipitation takes place given that mass of air condense water droplets (Shipman, Wilson & Todd, 2007).

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Vertical movement takes place as a result of several processes. When air is heated, its temperature increases resulting to a lowering of density. This fall of density is attributed to expansion of air which reduces their density. When heated air comes into contact with cold air, it displaces the warm air which has a lower density. If this process takes place near an elevated surface such as mountain, the air rises in a vertical movement (Ahrens, 2007). Vertical movements can also form when cold air and warm air meet in a front head. The air front serve as vertical surface that ensure that air moves in a vertical direction.

The formation of clouds and precipitation process depends on the formation of vertical movements of air. However, the success of vertical movement depends on other factors such as adiabatic winds. In a stable environment, the formation of vertical movement is difficult. Nevertheless, disturbance in temperature through adiabatic processes lead to vertical movements. When air rises up, it cools down and in the process expand due to decreased air pressure (FAA, 2007). The cooling of such air causes the formation of clouds and precipitation. Adiabatic temperature causes disturbance in the atmosphere which is essential in the formation of vertical movement.


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