Free Science versus Superstitions Essay Sample

Science is study that use research finding to prove or disapprove a certain phenomenon. In science, data collected from research work and subject to interpretation to come up with some logical conclusions that are quantifiable. A superstition is traditional outstanding belief about a certain occurrence or something. An example is the belief of getting sick in which scientists argue that diseases are due to disease causing pathogens. Superstitious beliefs in history have different about the same. Some belief that people get sick due to wrongdoing a deviation from the ancestors wishes. Scientists have strongly proved of their argument but superstitious believers just trust what they deem the cause of this suffering. Hank claims that he can bring the sun back after an eclipse that was untimely. Merlin on the other hand claims that his magic tricks can bring the light back but finally Merlin is not able. Similarly, another duel comes up when Hank blows up Merlin’s tower with lightning and dynamite and claims to be a better magician than Merlin since Merlin is not able to prevent the destruction by incantations (Twain 449). Hank who uses the scientific knowledge to make a destructive lightning can state and explain exactly what causes the destruction. Merlin who uses supernatural powers has no grounds to support as to why the he cannot control destruction. Hank Morgan is in fact manipulating people with his tricks (science), just slightly different from what Merlin does with his false magic. They both want the same thing to make King Arthur believe in their magic so that they gain the control (Twain 450).

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Several experiments performed by Hank Morgan were successful opposed to Merlin who attempted to conduct some miracles in vain, as they tried to prove who is mighty. This theory of science and superstition are contrasting as is evident from these tricks. Hank Morgan conducts yet another trick in restoring the flow of miraculous waters at the valley of holiness as Merlin attempts but is unable to accomplish his mission (Twain 450). Hank disguises people who have no scientific knowledge when he defeats Merlin on his field. These people regard the experiments conducted by Hank by confusing them as also magical. Hank finally concludes after his defeating trials that science is a magic and that he is the best magician (Twain 450). Hank protects his compound with electric fence unknown to Merlin who has a belief that he can cross the fence, which in an attempt is electrocuted and dies instantly. Hank was disguising himself as a magic that Arthur had no reason to refuse since there was no grounds to dispute. Everyone is now confused of the difference between science and magic. Science deals with facts, as Hank was not in a position to control the sun eclipse but altered statements that were found to be true. The difference between the two is only the fact that science has some underlying facts but magic dwells on unforeseen powers. Hank uses unknown to many powers of science and technology like a pocket battery to start a water pump to drive water up the valley of holiness. This relation between science and magic is evident when hank defeats the surrogate Merlin through disguise.

Science is easy to understand since it uses defined principles that are easy to comprehend and uniform in its results. Supernatural powers are not applicable since the 19th century though science is developing very fast with more sophisticated machines being invented. Twain in his novel creates the ambivalence of the paradox of the magical science. The different types of sciences includes one that use progress, reasoning and a high degree of civilization and the second science represents a Connecticut Yankee. These two sciences are in opposite sides of each other. The invention of telephone in 1880 is so the implementation of scientific machines which brought a difference of lifestyle.

Science is very important in everyday life to perfect our performance in all fields. From the history of science, people used science in making work simple even during the Stone Age. Early man used the knowledge of friction to make fire. This is actually science at those times. Everything around us is surrounded a fact of science that can be used to improve a previously used method. Superstitions have no account since the base of whatever happens is baseless and only the practitioner knows what is happening. Sometimes one may think and conclude that these magic do not work and just mind tricks. From the past in the Christian society, Jesus performed miracles that were magical. Nobody could exactly explain what Jesus did since the acts were magic. Hank used his knowledge of science as magic to woe people about his powers to so many things unknown to anybody else. Hank used things that were mechanically fit to simplify work. These include bicycles, water pumps, sewing machines, and the power of electricity. These things given as gifts to the working conditions people who were serving Arthur efficiently. He therefore used science as magic for his own benefits.

The industrial revolution that was in late 1880’s was because of science since people were able to communicate using telephones, use simple machines to produce goods and ease transportation of people. These machines and activities are not actually magic. Machines used steam to propel them from one point to another. This from the perception of the people was magic. The superstition belief was because of lack of knowledge of the evolving minds of people. We can therefore conclude the superstition as a strong belief of what we cannot explain. Hank used this fact to disguise and benefit from the prevailing circumstances of people who had nothing to say about science. In fact, superstitions have never worked anywhere but used to benefit the person using grounds that are not straightforward. The theory of occult is not documented anywhere in the history of discoveries.

Superstition and science have a relation in the fact that, each of them aims at delivering knowledge that is not common to everybody. Discoveries serve a big role in this field. Science has served a big role in civilization in the world from the industrial revolution of the world. Science brings about knowledge of problem solving related to making work easier. Machines and power that are still under scientific investigation are creating very many job opportunities that have led to improved standard of living. The magic science has not done much since those who practice the magic are still living in the past time of the 18th century. This was proved by the comparison of Hank and Marlin when they competed for who had stronger magic powers. This is evidence that during these times the empires and kingdoms practiced magic as the measure of strength. Anybody who could move the masses with his or her magic got an automatic recognition from the state. This is different from the world today where science exhibitions organized by different states to enhance creativity in the world are popular. To develop any scientific invention today bear the name of the person who discovered it. These include the discovery of the telephone by Bell that is now Bell’s electric phone. Discoveries will never cease so long as people still need to advance in different fields.

Most of the companies today are employing the research department to explore on different ways of advancing in the development of production and improving sales. Superstitions worked those times of the ancient kingdoms however, they are not accountable for the outcomes. Magic power worked in those times during the era when science was magic to the people of those times. Science is applicable in the advancement of the technology that creates the basis of any industrial state. Development in a state is depended on the level of scientific innovation. The most productive countries have history of investment in science and technology leading to increased agricultural and industrial production.

This field of study development includes the social sciences that use scientific methods in carrying out research in behavior. The behavior of a machine, human beings, and animals is under a research using scientific processes. This process predicts the outcome of a phenomenon and hence gives the possible recommendations. Science has replaced ancient theories of everything dwelling on magic. The kings and emperors used superstition to woe people into their strong belief. Kings used the magicians to give interpretations to their problems and the solutions. This is opposite to the thought of this field of study. Now everybody looks at the possibility of development using the scientific knowledge. The solution of problems depends entirely on scientific knowledge. The study is slowly developing from the grass roots to the international development. To empower scientists the governments are supposed to invest heavily to advance the country’s development. The conclusion of the comparison between these theories gives an insight that superstition is also science but of ancient times. The real science of these days depends on the integration of research.


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