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Advancement in information technology is one the greatest achievements in the world. This has promoted easy access of information through simple and faster communication. Many businesses have reached pinnacle performance levels because of improved technology. Computerization of office operation has also promoted efficiency in companies, businesses and organization with many new developments being discovered. As the world celebrates these achievements, the social aspect of humanity has also felt every bit of these developments. Growth and expansion of social sites like Facebook and Twitter has led global connections some of which have turned out to be a threat to security and moral values among others. With over half a billion people connected by Facebook globally, perhaps it is one of the social networks, which has drawn the attention of many including businesspersons and even terror gangs. Many companies now consider it as the best site for product advertisement without necessarily considering its impact. It is however clear that Facebook advertisement has an array of positive and negative effects to not only Americans but to the entire world population.

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The number of advertisement windows that pop up when you log on to Facebook shows that almost every company in the world targets Facebook users who are spread across the world. Although these advertisement links carry varying information, many experts have argued that Facebook uses advertising to positively influence the lives of its members. It is obvious that Facebook management understands that it has the potential of reaching almost everybody in the world because of the global use of the internet. Facebook therefore has become a source of information to millions of Americans and other users in the world. A good example concerns education. There are hundreds of learning institutions making adverts on Facebook. Why is it the case? No one can deny that most Facebook users are aged below the age of thirty and are mainly students in higher learning institutions. Such advertisements therefore provide important information to young about certain information universities and colleges in the United States and across the globe.

Apart from educational information, Facebook advertisements are used for businesses purposes. How many companies do advertise their products on Facebook? How has this approach affected business performance? The truth is that Facebook advertising has promoted businesses in the United States and in other parts of the world. By the fact that the site allows interaction between companies or businessmen with their customers, feedback collected from the advertisements made have been of paramount importance in improving the performance of numerous organization. Through Facebook adverts, customers are able to know the location of companies and the kind of products on the market. It also allows them to make orders at the comfort of their houses and wait for delivery. Facebook therefore uses advertising to inform its members about what happens in the global market by allowing companies and business owners to sale out their products. Advertising as a source of information is therefore the main way in which the world is affected.

On the other hand, Facebook has been accused of affecting Americans and the rest of the world in a wide range of ways. Does every advert on Facebook add value to all its users? The answer to this question is probably more obvious than not. Because of the competition nature that exists in the world, many Facebook adverts tend to outshine each other in different ways. These adverts focus on attracting Facebook users who end up being carried away by confusing aspects of these adverts. Many Facebook opponents argue that the site uses adverts to negatively affect the society. This has led to some nations of the world to disable the site in their country to safeguard the moral fabrics.

Research indicates that some of the adverts on Facebook completely affect users in various ways. Probably the image of men and women as portrayed in Facebook advertisements remains the basis for criticism. It is a common phenomenon to encounter photographs of half-naked women attached to countless business adverts on Facebook. This significantly affects morality in the society with young people being deceived. Why should an advert on mortgage carry a clip of a dancing woman, scantily dressed? This really lowers the position of women in the society whereby they are viewed and considered as commercial objects. Many businesses and advert designers have come to realize that products, which are marketed with a feminine touch, are likely to outshine those designed in a decent way.

Besides negative portrayal of the women in the society, some Facebook adverts have also contributed to unethical behavior in the society. When slim women and masculine men are favored in adverts, this affects the manner in which young people view at each. Because of this, there are increasing cases of eating disorders, which are directly linked to Facebook adverts. Many young women have adopted unhealthy eating habits in order to lose weight and have the shape of advert photos seen on Facebook. This negatively affects with most cases revolving around starvation, eating of junk foods and even use of sliming pills. For men, excessive eating, use of steroids and excess physical exercises in order to gain weight and develop muscles. All these practices have been proven unhealthy and a major cause of common health problem among young people.

Lastly, some of the information found is Facebook adverts is controversial. This mainly includes promotions for addictive drugs and substances. In other words, the site allows its users to access information, which is either dangerous or banned in their countries. It also exposes users to consider drug abuse as one of the ways of becoming a public hero. Additionally, Facebook adverts have led to instability in some marriages. There are customized adverts, which say invite individuals to join a dating site to be "hooked up." Many victims have found themselves in the hands of strangers in the name of love thus leading to infidelity and high risk of separation. It is therefore clear that Facebook uses advertising to affect the society in two broad ways; positive and negative. There is need to regulate the kind of information contained in all adverts in order to promote morality even as we celebrate Facebook and technology.


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