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Seeking the fountain of youth using anti-aging technologies has drawn a lot of debate. There are quite a number of ethical dilemmas of the case represented by “Morgan Spurlock 30 Days”. For one, anti-aging medicine apparently favors the rich. The poor and the vulnerable will end up dying young by millions whereas the rich fail to age. Thus, the anti-aging technologies are unethical since they promote inequity. Again, the technologies deny the immutability of aging. A third fact is that anti-aging technologies are felt unethical as people seek to dominate nature in a way that alters and pursues commodifying themselves. Fourthly, it is seen as denying the rights of the people to be born in future as anti-aging technologies will lead to over-population. Many people want to remain young and this brings along capacity concerns within the environment in which we live. Another dilemma in this anti-aging technology case is the devaluation of life as the natural deadline of life is removed. Lastly, anti-aging technologies create prejudice against the aged and the young people. All these are dilemmas which do not work to the common good of the society.

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Despite these ethical dilemmas, anti-aging technologies seem to be more useful than harmful. My obligation as a nurse in this profession and work is to come up with modalities that promote equity in the health care practice. As a nurse, it is my duty to educate patients to take part in duties aimed at maintaining health and disease prevention. A nurse should actively be involved in addressing these ethical dilemmas along with other stakeholders to slow down aging by taking part in measures that will cut down death rate. The nurse should also encourage the purchase of anti-aging medicine given that they are harmless. The laws regarding anti-aging technologies require the administration and regulation of treatments which are supported by research evidence. The process should be done in a manner that facilitates the potential of anti-aging technologies and the effort in reducing the prevalence and incidence of diseases and ensures fuller, longer and more significant lives. The stake holders in this scenario include the healthcare fraternity, government agencies and all research outlets in healthcare. 


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