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The issues presented in the Appropriate Technology (AT) web page for Appalachian State University clearly explicit the fundamental facts which would make me consider taking a degree program in AT as a student and citizen. This is because AT deals with the readily available resources which have been put together in a great way to come up with magnificent projects; projects that are addressing a certain issue in our society and promoting the welfare of all members.

Initial cost of beginning such projects is attainable and it is unlikely that many financial hurdles will be experienced. It is essentially putting into use the little at hand which will be used to support bigger endeavors. The approach is very simple but the results are overwhelming. A degree in this department indeed appeals to me.

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Looking at the links located on Research/Reports/Articles, the ASU Renewable Energy Initiative is very interesting. The project is taking a pro-active measure to prevent depletion of energy resources and providing an energy solution which suffices basic needs in the society. The use of clean energy will save on the colossal sums in energy bills as presented in the project.

The project takes care of the adverse effects of non-renewable sources to the environment; a very great idea ensuring a lot of savings. Energy is a very important drive for any economy. With the growing population all over the world, it is very imperative that people get access to cheap, reliable energy without much strain.

Generally, Applied Technology tries to offer much information that highlights the issues affecting the society and the importance of protecting our environment which basically supports our existence and survival. Great developments and projects have their beginning in that which is small and a lot of savings will be realized in those small endeavors if they are done in a great way. Therefore, AT has a future for everyone and the country in general.


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