Free Cell Phones Impact on Society Essay Sample

The introduction of cell phones in the world has had numerous effects, both positive and negative. It is the society that has actually experienced the effects due to the fact that they are the people who are the general users of these small machines. People have explored into the world of cell phones due to their exhilarating and exiting effects it has had on people. Many people have loved owning phones. They consider it a source of prestige and leisure. Besides their usefulness in human communication, they have been embraced because of the love for technology that people have missed for so long. This is therefore the main reason why cell phones have had serious assortment of effects on the lives of many people. You would love to be in possession of a phone, which is a true fact. In the world, if you go round and find the number of people who would love to own a phone, you will be surprised that at least everybody would like to possess a phone. All these are for many reasons as well. You will find that even young children are in possession of the cell phones. You can also be forced to accept that it is the right of every human being to be in possession of a cell phone. Moreover, because of a number of reasons that are to be highlighted here, you can be made to agree to a hypothesis that as much as everybody has the right to speech, it is also the right of every individual to be provided a cell phone.

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This is a clear indication that cell phones are spreading and having their impacts on the lives of the people and the society at large. This has had clear indication in the lives of the young and the old since the introduction of phones in the world. Cell phones have had rampant effects on the lives of the young and the old, with the effects ranging from those which are positive to those that are negative in the perspective of the present society.

Literature Review

Many scholars and book writers have asserted the fact that cell phones have had several effects in the society of today. As much as they look expensive and lucrative, people have managed to be in possession of one or two of them. Cell phones have altered the life style of the people living in various societies in the world. According to Castells, 2007, people are able to communicate using the machine; and this has resulted to several effects being affected in the society without involving much motion of individuals and properties.

Research Methods

To have the work well researched and done, a number of methodologies were use to collect and analyze the data that actually gave this information. There are a number of methods that were used: personal interview with the people who have been in possession of cell phones for a period of not les than one month, questionnaires were issued, and they gave excellent results, lastly, there was a wide book study that mainly dwelled on researching on the books that have this information at their disposal.

Discussion of Findings

The research done indicated that there are several effects that cell phones have had on the lives of people in the society. These effects are of merits and also of demerits, and have extended to other living things as plants and animals.

Cell phones are a necessity tool in the modern world. It has uplifted the lives of people in the fields of communication. People are able to reach out with ease. This involves people exchanging information and ideas from one source to various recipients. Therefore, people are able to stay in touch with the family members, business counterparts and also cooperative associates. It is from this perspective that people are able to exchange ideas and helpful information through out the world. Moreover, the impact of exchange of information has enabled the spread of knowledge that has resulted to the technological changes in the world. There is thus the effect of the spread of literacy in the world, as concerns technological changes that are likely to happen interchangeably in the world. The society has been enlightened.

On the contrary, there are the negatives effects that cell phones have had on the society. First and foremost, cell phones have enabled a spread of information in the society. This has led to widespread criminal activities within the human settings. Due to the fact that you can communicate with anybody at any given time; it has been easy for criminals to have their weird plans fulfilled without the knowledge of the security forces in the world. Apart from the spread of malicious information, young people have got themselves in dilemma due to the effects of the cell phones. This involves the spread of pornographic materials and other unethical information that has gripped the communication sectors in the world.

On health issues, there have been perceptions that the use of cell phones has had detrimental effects on the health of the people. It has therefore caused a number of ailments of individuals in the society.  

In conclusion, cell phones are some of the important gadgets that have had significant effects on the lives of the people and the society as a whole. As much as it has brought good things to people and the society, it has also acted as a source of several immoral acts in the society. Moreover, the positive effects have outweighed the negative effect. This concludes that cell phones have been of great help to the society.


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