Free Change Management and Technology Essay Sample

In copping with managers who fear about changing technology, I will prepare them by making them to understand the emotional landscape of change. In the process, I will be providing them with tools that will help them address the issue. In simple terms, I will train them on matters concerning technology change. I will tent to be close to them, so that we can engage in strategic planning sessions while gathering information in survey reports. I will advice them not to fear communication and accept that they don't know about the incoming technology. I will not expect them to go along while alone after the annunciation of technological change. This in one way or the other will help me not to blame them if people resist or even complain about the technological change. All these will enable them not to feel betrayed when other workers fail to respond positively to the change.

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In handling employees fear on job loss, as a manager, I will ease the fear by assuring them of job security. This will be through assuring them that, there will be no job cuts, and all of them are assured of job security, and this will be true. In case in real sense there are some job cuts, I will be honest about the situation, but assure them the availability of individual support regardless of the situation. I will also refocus on company goals by rallying up my employees to increase production. However, this will not just be a hollow statement, where in, I will be sending e-mails to my employees informing them about the circumstances.

I will try to meet everyone to renew my strengths and weaknesses, in order to come up with a re-establishment of goals together as a team. In addition, I will never say that Business as Usual. This is based on the fact that, after reducing the number of employees in case it occurred, the fact is that, employees are human beings like any other, they are never different. Due to this factor of humanity, they usually get affected emotionally along with intellectual affections every time they see job loss.

In dealing with concerns about learning computer skills, I will encourage open communication between workers concerning computer skills. In other times I will provide them with computer skills training and promise them full support during training. This in one way or the other reduces the threats of comfort for several individuals at different levels in the organization. T ease the fear further, I will encourage individuals to ask questions concerning computer skills if any. I will also allow them the opportunity to teach themselves on basic computer skills. As a director, the issue of information co-ordination will be dealt with by encouraging open communication in the organization. In addition, a channel of information flow will be set up; this will mostly ;involve the movement of information via hierarchical level, unless the there is an emergency.

There are specific roles that have to be defined for the municipal information service s unit in respect to managing the introduction of new technologies. The management needs to define the existence of formal and informal norms. If these factors are not defined, the employees' culture might be overlooked by the management. Because they are employees who are supposed to use the new technology, the management might encounter some sort of resistance. Since both formal and informal norms is a reflection of values underplayed, they are far much difficult to be changed, till shown that the new behavior is inconsistence with a very significant value, or that the old value need to be changed. It is true that, formal norms are far much simpler ion their definition, since they are just explicit. But the definition of strongly held informal norm is among the hardest definition.

This i9js based on the fact that, it might be very difficult to identify it and letting alone the verbal value it represents. It has been depicted that, most managers fail to define such cultural problems when they want to deal with them effectively, this in one way or the other might result to resistances and failure to the implementation of the new technology. For successful technological management in municipal information service s unit, the managers need to define and use the organizational values and customs as the roots of new and innovative approaches to realize productive work. They also need to define the rationale of change. The working culture of workers is just a mix of formal, informal and technical norms that reduces both mental resistance and rationale to any kind of change (Lecompte n.d).

The advice I would give to another mangers faced with similar problem is that, when they are planning to manage change, they need to follow five key principles wisely; they need to understand that different individuals might react vey differently to the proposed change. The second thing is that everybody has his or her own fundamental needs that should be met. Thirdly, change always involves a loss, and as a result, individuals usually under go through the loss curve. Fourthly, company expectations are supposed to be managed in a realistic manner.

I will advice them that, for them to apply the five mentioned principles, there are supposed to follow the following steps; they should give information to people and be honest about the fact as they try to avoid being optimistic speculations. When it is a large group, managers should enhance a communication strategy which will ensure dissemination of information to everybody in an effective and comprehensive manner. They should also provide their workers with an opportunity of making choices, on top of which, individuals need to be provided with opportunities of airing their own views.


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