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Computing Networks refers to networks which comprises of hardware and software components coupled with computers which are interconnected via communication channels which make it possible for the sharing of both hardware and software resources and information. Computing networks can be categorized according to various characteristics like for instance the medium for transportation of data, the scope of the organization, the topology, scale and the communication protocols that have been used in the technology.

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Computing networks have been defined through communication protocols which are made up of data formats and rules for exchanging or sharing of information. Some of the commonly used communication protocols include the internet protocol suite and the Ethernet. The Ethernet protocol is a ubiquitous standard that is mostly used in local area networking while the Internet Protocol suite is sued for host to host transfer of data and for communication between two or more multiple computer networks. Computing networks, on the other hand, have been known to share information either through wired or wireless technology.

Day in day out in each part of the globe, computing networks have been more and more been integrated in all aspects of our lives through various technological innovations meant to improve the lives of human kind. For any computing network to exists, then there has to be 2 computers, a protocol (sets of rules or communication) and the hardware. This setting will enable the two computers to be connected and therefore enable sharing of information and resources between them. 

Set up of a Computing Network

In order to set up a Computing Network, some of the hardware requirements that are critical include network cards and a router. A router is a device which is used for directing of traffic within a computing network to the various computers existing within the network. Because of its function, a router can therefore be correctly compared in similarity with a traffic light which controls traffic on a road setting. This is because just like the traffic light handles motor traffic on the road, a router similarly performs the function of handling network traffic and sending the signals to various segments within the network. A network Card on the other hand, is a basic hardware requirement since it is tasked with ensuring that the two computers in the computing environment are capable of communicating. This device (the Network Card) is a vital component of the Computing network since it gives the computer a channel for sending and retrieval of data in the network.  

A protocol is a basic software requirement because it is a communication method which is used by the computing network. One of the major functions of a protocol is to package the information that has been send by the sender computer and ensure that this information has been appropriately and correctly delivered to the recipient.

The Computing network technology

Within a computing network environment, there exists a server and clients. A server is a component in the computing network because it comprises of faster processing abilities and mass storage capabilities making it possible for multiple users to save their data or information and use the various hardware and software resources available on the network. The Client refers to multiple computers which are available on a computing network. To be able to use both the hardware and software resources that are available on a computing network, then the client must log on to the network available on the server in order to be given access to use them. Client computers are different from the server because they will normally need permission on the computing network and they are normally slower as compared to the server.      

How computing networks are more and more integrated in all aspects of our lives

The use of computing networking will make remote computers to be capable of monitoring the health statistics of individuals and therefore be able to ascertain when we are in danger and therefore take the most appropriate corrective action for rescue. The use of the Computing Networks through various technological chips spread widely around our environment will make life to be more comfortable and effective. Computing networks will make it capable for refrigerators to become connected to the internet so that when users, through the use of PDA or their cell phones will be capable of knowing what is at the store without physically checking. More interesting is the fact that these refrigerators will be capable of sensing when there is a low stock of milk or its contents and therefore place directly an order for restocking from the supplier. Such technology will make it possible for the manufacturer to monitor the device and directly ensure that it is working correctly and inform the user when it is faulty.     

Various business enterprises located either in the same locality or distances away can now be able to share information among their enterprises courtesy of computing networking. Sharing of information between business enterprises belonging to the same owner is possible through either local area networking (LAN) for the case of business enterprises located in the same locality while Wide Area Networking will be suitable for businesses which are located over  wide geographical locations.

Computing networks are therefore suitable for business organizations like banks which are geographically located either in local or international geographical locations because they share be able to access and retrieve any information concerning their clients with ease and accuracy regardless of the geographical location. Unlike before when individuals had to line up in order to get their money in banks, the use of Automated Teller Machines (ATMS) nowadays has made it possible for people to quickly access their money anywhere in their country and even in the whole world, thanks to computing technology.

Computing networking has also revolutionaries the communication methods because unlike before when pigeons were used in sending messengers, the use of computing networking has made it possible for people to communicate effectively and instantly through the use of email and instant messaging services. Every aspect of our daily lives has been integrated with computing networks.      

How to keep Computing networks free from hacking

Despite the fact that computing networks are meant to serve human beings through enhanced technological innovations, this technology can be detrimental if proper network security settings are not put in place to safeguard the common users. It is therefore important that these networks are kept free from any potential harm which may arise from hacking. Hacking has been known to be a major threat towards the safe existence of computing networks. Hacking, this refers to an act of gaining entry with no legal authorization to a computer system or network with an aim of gaining full control of the computer network or system. The Network Administrator, who is responsible for managing the computing networks, should therefore control the security of the network through authorization of access to data in a network. Users in a computing network should thus be assigned or choose unique passwords or identities which can enable them to access basic programs and information within the network that is only within their authority.   

The hackers’ main intention is to gain control of an organization or an individual’s network with a view of gaining information regarding the systems. They normally do so with a view of even distorting the normal operation of the computer systems and network in general.

 In order to make safe these computing networks and ensure there is safe or secure transmission of data end to end, then the network administrator in an organization should administer policies and provisions which are aimed at monitoring and preventing unauthorized access, system modification, denial of network and computer accessible resources and general misuse. Authentication of users through their user names and passwords is one of the major measures taken to ensure that the network is secured from unauthorized access. 

A firewall should then be put in place to ensure that policies regarding the kind of services to be accessed by users on the network are enforced. Unfortunately the use of firewalls may fail to detect potentially harmful threats like for instance Trojans or viruses which may maliciously become transported over the network. A strong anti-virus software should therefore be installed on the computing network and an intrusion prevention system placed in place to aid in the detection and inhibition of such dangerous threats. Encryption of data should also be utilized to ensure that those gaining unauthorized access to an organization’s information are unable to understand it because of the anonymous codes used.         

Given the fact that Computing networks are here to stay, effective strategies should be developed to ensure that the use of this technology is not only effective and accurate but it is confidentially safe to use. The safety of computer networks should therefore be a first place priority for all organizations which must endeavor in devising daily safety mechanisms to counter ay threats that may comprise the safety of these networks. The safety of computer networks should therefore not be left to computer administrators alone but it should be a collective responsibility for all the network users who should raise an alarm whenever they sense any abnormal incident in the normal operation mode of the system. These measures will ensure that the information which is sent from end to end, thus one computer to another is safe and protected from external and unauthorized users.         


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