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Advanced technology is very significant in modern communication and transportation, because it increases both reliability and efficiency. Courier service industry is among those sectors that have significantly benefitted from sophisticated computer technology.  A courier is defined as a company or person who delivers packages, mails, and messages to intended organizations or individuals. According to Plunkett, couriers are distinguishable from ordinary postal services because of features such as security, speed, signature, swift delivery times, and individualization and specialization of express services, which are unique. As compared to the ordinary mail services, courier services are more expensive and can safely deliver goods to many places across the world. Courier services are restricted to those valuable packages in order to warrant the shipping cost which is very expensive. Courier services can operate on a variety of scales, for instance, within specific cities or towns, or across regional and national boundaries. Among the largest courier organizations across the world include FedEx, which provide services worldwide, especially through a hub and spoke model. In this discussion, FedEx will be considered as the courier company whose operations have been positively influenced by technology.

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FedEx Corporation  

FedEx Corporation offers businesses and clients across the world with a broad range of transportation, business and e-commerce services. According to Ferrell & Hartline, the courier company experiences about 36 billion dollars per annum, part of which is used to develop the transportation and tracking technology. The current number of team members in FedEx is approximately 280,000 members. FedEx remains to be the global leader of courier services as it provides reliable, time-definite, and reliable package delivery to more than 200 countries, connecting a great deal of markets that make up about 90 percent of the gross domestic product in one day. The company provides reliable and fast services for about 3.5 million dispatches every business day. FedEx services controls combined marketing, sales, information technology and administrative functions, which give support to the transportation businesses as well as allowing individuals to carry out synergies from the combined functions. FedEx also provide ground package delivery services, usually to Canada and the United States.       

Technological advances at Federal Express (FedEx) 

Federal Express (FedEx) has been considered as among the earliest express transportation companies to experience the benefits of technology. Advanced technology is crucial in most industries, including those industries and business that are aimed at global success. Multinational companies operate on the basis of using technological equipment that helps in terms of communication and transportation. FedEx is among those companies that use advanced technology and that employ new technology to promote business objectives. The use of new technology is the primary focus for FedEx because it aims at serving clients across the globe in an efficient manner. FedEx depends on technology for package tracking as well as delivery confirmation. Clients are always confident on the safety of their goods because FedEx uses its communication technology to keep them updated on the status of their packages. The company provides tracking numbers that enable clients to be aware of delivery status of their packages by using online websites.  

Therefore, FedEx offers two services to clients across the world: physical transportation and distribution of goods and the tracking technology that is used to identify the location of goods at any time. FedEx leads in express transportation, because it has embraced sophisticated technology in its operations. Clients have come to rely on the high rate of efficiency and reliability of FedEx. They look to the company for new developments that are necessary to support their dynamic business needs. FedEx is trying its best to surpass client expectations by developing technologies and products that help clients build and improve their businesses by extensive on-line services. FedEx’s advanced technology has attracted a great deal of clients and therefore, increased its income every day. A business’ rate of generating income depends on the number clients who can be able to access the business in a daily basis.       

FedEx invests about one billion dollars every year in new technology because it relies on technology to deliver packages to various destinations extremely quickly. While new and advanced technologies can enable FedEx in effective tracking capabilities, some technology has been found not worth the shipment expense. For instance, the Radio Frequency Identification chips provide organizations with effective tracking, but it has been determined that RFID technology is not cost effective. FedEx’s global success depends on the development of new and advanced technology such as the current tracking technology which is very effective. The connection of different places in the world ensures that various needs of people are met. By connecting disparate places around the world that are characterized by little technology, FedEx can improve its courier business as well as improve the whole world. Many places in developing countries do not experience new technology, but business can be successful with attention to the problem as well as innovation.


Since FedEx is a service industry, it is involved in the production of efficient and reliable services to its clients. The most common services that FedEx produces include physical transportation and distribution of goods and the tracking technology that is used to identify the location of goods at any time. Productivity of FedEx is measured according to the quantity of packages that are delivered during the business days, as well as the amount of revenue that the business generates annually. It has been found that FedEx delivers about 3.5 million dispatches every business day and generates yearly revenue of about 36 billion dollars. FedEx has attracted a great deal of clients into its services which are very reliable. The whole world has benefitted from the services that are provided by this particular courier company. Many people have succeeded with their businesses by depending on the reliability of FedEx.


It is evident that technology is inevitable for the productivity of various sectors including service industries. In most cases, the use of sophisticated technology is a guarantee to efficient and reliable production. For instance, the RFID technology enables companies to track their products while they are being shipped, and this ensures that they arrive safely at their intended destinations. It is true that, clients depend on those companies that offer efficient and reliable services to sustain their business. Productivity of a service providing industry, especially the courier industry is measured by the size of packages during any given business day. Therefore, attracting and retaining a large number of clients is directly proportional to the productivity of an organization. FedEx is a courier industry that has attracted and maintained a great deal of clients across the world, and this implies that it has achieved high productivity.  


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