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In order to business enterprises to incur the benefits associated with technology, there is a need to implement change in its infrastructure in a manner that can facilitate the business to adapt to the constant technological changes. The fundamental argument is that technology has revolutionized business through providing emerging opportunities that firms can explore to increase their profitability and competitive advantage. The paper discusses the impacts of technology on customers. This paper discusses how the company introduced new products to its customers and ways that added value due to the new technology was proven. In addition, the paper outlines the support plan for customers who may have questions and emphasizes on new partnerships with technology partners and enhanced customer experiences.

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How the Company Introduced the New Product

The information technology frameworks such as the internet have revolutionized the manner in which business is conducted in the current times. This is primarily due to its intrinsic ability to foster communication without geographic limitations. The use internet marketing helps to address the variability associated with segmentation and positioning. The methodology used in the marketing of new products and services that have been revolutionized due to the effective nature of the communication framework provided by the internet. Marketing by use of the internet has brought a new concept to marketing in the sense that modern marketing has evolved to embrace the concept of connectedness. The internet revolutionized this marketing approach by providing an avenue for product reviews and two-way communication between the marketers and the consumers.

Effective marketing requires the deployment of the marketing mix, which comprises various elements aimed at fostering effective communication between the marketers and the consumers. The internet provides a platform for the development of new business potentials. This is because the internet has revolutionized the tactical and commercial platforms for conducting businesses over the internet. Conducting business on the internet requires an analysis of the needs of the internet users in order to adopt the most suitable revenue and marketing model for the business enterprise. The advent of the internet revolutionized the advertising strategies since it created various opportunities to deploy online marketing; for example, Search Engine Optimization, e-business frameworks and other advertising opportunities such as email advertisements and pop ups. The new technological frameworks had a significant impact on the advertising trends deployed by marketers, especially due to the elimination of geographical limitations facilitated by the internet and other digital advertising frameworks. Such communication efforts usually involve the deployment of cross-functional processes that facilitate the creation of profitable relationships with consumers and the stakeholders. This is usually achieved through controlling of the communication messages that are sent to consumers through the encouragement of establishing a purposeful dialogue with the end users of a company’s products. A significant revolution of the place concept in marketing is due to its consolidation associated with the onset of the internet, whereby marketers were faced with minimal challenges associated with geographical limitation.

Ways that Added Value Due to the New Technology was Proven

This business approach can play an integral role in creating value for the business that the organization can exploit to increase its productivity. The fundamental argument that can be derived from this observation is that effective communication is a critical success factor for the present day organization. In fact, organizations can rely on effective business communication to establish sustainable competitive advantage by enhancing employee productivity and customer satisfaction. The use of electronic communication through avenues such as social networking and Skype does not only enhance the effectiveness of the communication process, but also provides new ways of real time interaction during communication. These emerging technologies come with added advantages such as faster delivery and accessibility of information. It is vital to note that emerging media technologies do not serve to replace the traditional approaches; rather, they help in the creation more opportunities for effective communication with customers. This is normally complex, but the underlying argument is that new technologies offers additional opportunities through which businesses can exploit in order to connect with a diverse audience in different ways according to their communication requirements, which in turn is used to create value to the customer.

The use of new technologies also makes significant contributions towards improving organizational efficiency, which is attained by ensuring that there is smooth organizational information and workflow. Enhanced business efficiency implies that there is improved employee productivity, which in turn transforms to customer satisfaction through timely response to the customers’ demands. The outcome of this insight is that the organization develops a competitive advantage and increases its market share. The applications and systems are functionally flexible in some circumstances no matter how and where they are used in various business organizations. The use of these applications and systems improves on speed, reliability, and radical change in general at the operational, tactical, or strategic level in the company or anywhere else in the organizational departments. The overall value created is an improved customer satisfaction because their needs will be addressed in an efficient and timely manner.

The overall goal of integrating technology in the business model is to improve business efficiency and reduction of costs. Emerging technologies offer frameworks through which the business can enhance the access of its information by its stakeholders, which in this case constitutes of mainly its employees, investors and its customers. Frameworks such as email and social media facilitate the easy access the company information. This plays an integral role in fostering the competitive advantage of the business, which is a core element of business profitability. Mobility is an essential aspect when facilitating the ease of information accessibility by the customers, which is facilitated by using mobile telephony devices and computing devices.

Support Plan for Customers Who May Have Questions

Customer feedback is an essential element of effective marketing in the sense that it can be used to have an insight into the nature of customer requirements. In fact, firms can use customer feedbacks as a method of improving the credibility of their products. Firms can deploy technology to establish ongoing relationships by offering their customers with buying guides to facilitate their decision making when buying a product. This is an effective method that the firm can use to reinforce customer loyalty and satisfaction. Web-based buying tips and queries are used for establishing trust and loyalty and functions as a form of word-of-mouth marketing. This is helpful in creating a perception that the customer is dealing with a trustworthy business.

Customer relationship marketing (CRM) systems are also an element of the support plan for customers who may have questions. CRM entails the tracking of information concerning the customers and maintaining constant communication with them. Relationship marketing offers a platform for inquiry and opportunities for cross-marketing, whereby, the firm can effectively market other products or diverse business units. The main focus of CRM is to maintain an up to date communication with customers and provide them with an opportunity through which they can post their queries. CRM solutions can be implemented by using the various forms of electronic communication to facilitate bi-directional communication between the business and their customers. Electronic communication is used in the provision of support services for customers who may have questions. Active involvement in the communication increases the response time of the various parties involved during the communication process. Electronic means of communication come in handy in addressing this business need by ensuring efficient and timely information delivery in a real time manner. Rapid transmission is a key characteristic of electronic communication that facilitates rapid information transfer on a large scale.

A customer service center also serves a vital element of the support plan for customers who may have questions. A 24-hour customer service center that can be reached using communication frameworks such as telephones and electronic communication plays an integral role enhancing customer satisfaction and experience. This is because customer support center offers real time interactive communication with customers in order to respond to their needs. Customer support services should be integrated with technology through avenues such as social media and Skype.

Emphasis on New Partnerships with Technology Partners and Enhanced Customer Experiences

Since technology is central towards enhancing the effectiveness of business functions, it is recommended that business enterprises invest in partnering with the industry leaders in technology and use this strategic direction to enhance customer experiences. Partnership with technology partners implies the firm will be abreast with up to date technological frameworks that are needed for competitive advantage. In order for organizations to remain competitive during the information age, business communication must be of comparable speed to the competitors, a challenge that information technology addresses. This implies that electronic communications play a significant role in the expansion of the communication lines within the organization, which in turn increases the capability and the capacity of the organization to act in response to various business situation and demands. Businesses in the information age in increasingly becoming knowledge-based, implying that business level strategies are significantly relying on information sharing within the organization. In this era, information is perceived as a valuable asset to most businesses because it provides the leverage needed to establish competitive advantage. Information attributes like accessibility, availability, and precision increases the value of information.


One of the core opportunities that business can exploit in relation to technology is the impacts of technology technologies. In the light of this view, firms must adopt new strategic and tactical marketing methods that are in line with the attributes of new technology and their respective effects on the customers. It is also essential for firms to take into consideration the fact that new technology and media are gradually replacing the conventional business models and corporate strategies, through offering exciting opportunities that the firm can exploit to progress its customer relationships.


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