Free Data Communication and Computer Networking Essay Sample

Data communication and computer networking has lots of concepts which has to be understood to keep the communication efficient. The concept of packet network system is put into small section called packets. The reason why packet transmission is preferable used is that it is easy to detect the information from the sender to the receiving persons without any failure. The use of small packets ensures speedy transmission of data and there will be no delay for others to relay there packets working on the same network.

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Byte stuffing has advantages but most of the computers cannot afford to reserve characters by the use of network, this instead network allows an application to send arbitrary characters across networks. Networks operates in a way that it allows the sending side to change the data slightly before it is sent and organize the other receiving network to restore the information before passing it to the receiving application. Network system usually inserts extra bytes to alter data for transmission. The idea is called DATA STUFFING.

To check the communication systems, the use of modems is effective as this happens automatically and checks the errors of interference in long distance cases. The scientists have come up with the hardware and software mechanisms that help to detect and correct any occurrence of problems.

Its fun full understanding the current and future of information technology, parity checking is one of the key elements which ensure the sending of additional information in small quantity, the receiver computes the information and notes that there is no errors that occurred during the transmission of the data. Parity checking has limits that detects small amount of errors only the existence of two bits errors is not easy to detect using the parity check

Computer Network Tutorial

Network is any group of independent computers that communicate together over a shared network channel. Computer network is a collection of connected computers, the same computers when link in a network people can share files and peripherals such as printers, modems, tape back –up drives. When networks from a multiple location are connected using the services that are obtain from phone companies, people can sent data or information using website, share links to the global internet or even conduct conferences with other users in a distant locations online collaboration software is a system that controls network when sourced from the same location as major companies rely on application like electronic mail and database management for the key functions of business.

Networks comprises of:

A connection medium usually a wire or cable although exist wireless communication between networked computers. Operating system software that is; Microsoft windows, Novell Net Ware

At least two computers network server or client work station

Types of network:

Local Area Networks (LANs)

These are networks that normally confined to a geographical area such as institution, apartments. LANs can link two computers or more computers used by many people.


The internet is a system of kinked networks that are connected worldwide and enable date communication services for instance remote login, electronic mail the World Wide Web, file transfer and news groups.

Wide Area Network (WANs)

This computer network combines numerous LANs that geographically separated by use of dedicated leased phone lines, and dial-up phones lines.


Intranet is a private network that utilizing Internet-type tools, but available only within that organization

Metropolitan area Networks (MANs)

This refers to a network of computers within a city

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual private network uses a technique called tunneling to transfer data securely on the internet to remote access server on a work place network. 


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