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Computer literacy in the work place requires prove through numerous certifications. The certifications to prove digital literacy include ICDL, ECDL, IC, and GDLC. The curricula for certification often changes with the changing technology making it necessary for people to re-certify in order to remain competitive with the changing technology. The major aspect of digital literacy to consider is the impact it has in the society today. Digital literacy has profound benefits in the world today and in the countries where the level of digital literacy is high.

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Most of the jobs today require the knowledge to use computers and use the internet to perform basic functions. Companies recruiting people in the workforce therefore require people with this knowledge and require certifications from those they are to employ. People with digital literacy therefore will be more likely to get employment in the growing number of companies using digital technology. A growing number of companies are dealing with innovations, development, and maintenance of digital technology. The companies are requiring employees who must be proficient with the digital technology.

Job recruiters mostly look for potential employees in the internet. People with digital literacy are therefore more likely to be economically stable as compared to those who are illiterate in regards to digital technology. Countries with the high level of digital literacy, e.g. China are doing well in terms of economy while the countries with low level of digital literacy are struggling with their economy, e.g. most third world countries.

Digital literacy has had major impacts on the education sector. Students need to get information on the current technological advancements in the world. In order to get the information students require digital literate teacher and the use of computers in classrooms to make sure the students get the right and adequate information on the matter.

Digital technology has made research done by students easy, students are able to access millions of databases found online on the subject of research using search engines such as Google. Libraries are also increasingly hosted online making access of information easier to students. Students are also able to interact with students worldwide exchanging ideas, which help in the advancement of education and innovations.

Digital literacy has enhanced communication between different people. Mobile phone technology has made it possible for people to communicate at any given time, anywhere in the world. A social network such as Facebook helps friends and family reconnect and stay in touch with each other. Social networks have provided the avenue where people pass timely important information. News also spread faster with the use of digital technology. Digital technology has also made it possible for the digital literate to buy and sell goods easily through the internet. Digital literacy therefore improves on the social life of the digitally literate persons.

Digital literacy has also some negative effects on the society. Digital technology resulted to crimes such as cybercrimes. This includes cyber bullying and computer piracy among others. Digital literacy has also made it easier for crimes like fraud and conning.

The major factor affecting digital literacy is the access to digital technology. Improving on the development of the digital technology and thus providing access of the technology would be the major boost towards digital literacy.


Digital literacy has many benefits to a country as it generally helps in improving the economy of a country. Countries where digital literacy is high do well economically. Although digital literacy has its disadvantages, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, it should be a duty of every individual and country to seek digital literacy.


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