Free Social Impact of Facebook and Skype on Families Essay Sample

Facebook Is asocial network service own by facebook Inc. and has approximately 600 million users. Users create personal profiles, which enables them to exchange massages with friends and family members. A research done by compete. Com showed that facebook is the most used social networking service throughout the world. The site has affected social life of many people in many ways. The way it affects lives range from reuniting lost friends and family members to being a source of problems in relationships. In families, recent studies show that using facebook is one of the leading causes of divorce and infidelity.

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Skype is a service that enables an individual or a group to make free calls anywhere around the globe. It uses a technology called P2Pto connect its users.  The popular VoIP service, Skype has wooed millions of people to leave landline and join it. The company offers services such as making calls, massaging, screen sharing, and video calling. You can as well call from Skype to a mobile phone.  The company is visualizing even a brighter future with its latest update, version 5. It hopes to keep much more people connected. Skype 5.0 has integrated facebook and videoconferencing functionality.

Other emerging functions include group-video-calling feature. The service enables users to chat cheaply with more than one person. Video conferencing feature is more useful especially to family members. It has a typical side -by-side screen, which enables users to view participants who are lined up on the screen. Millions of people use Skype to stay in touch every day. It is a wonderful way to stay in touch with family members. Whether one is on a business trip or in office, you can simply stay in touch with home.

 Facebook and Skype are offering families the best online experience. Families can easily connect, share and keep memories in these private and safe social networks. Other benefits that families obtain as they use facebook and Skype are the ease of sharing news, photos and videos. The live chat feature enables families to communicate from the comfort of the living room.  Sharing daily calendars and gifts has been made possible through these social sites. Staying connected with family members is much easier and simpler today more than ever. Technology has made it possible to share family photos, family videos, and the events that are planned for the future and so on. These new sites therefore have strengthened family ties. Creating family websites and family trees online is easy thus assisting in the preservation of family history and memories.

Facebook and Skype are easy to use and anyone ranging from children to grandparents can chat from anywhere, anytime to share dates and events on family calendar. Relatives can share photo galleries and videos through these social networking tools in real time. The sites keep family members up to date on the latest news. Today, there is a new term coined for families that stay connected through these social sites. The term is ''web savvy families''. These families have full lists of their family members set up online so that keeping in touch with relatives is made simple.

Facebook genealogy groups are a networking feature, which assists families in being in touch. It makes sharing of genealogy research, asking for help from the many genealogists on the site very simple. Groups such as unclaimed persons can find their living family members, other groups such as Family tree and we're related helps people to find distant relatives and being in touch with them. The families that stay connected through the help of facebook and Skype are increasing on daily basis. Communicating, sharing, collaborating or discovering family members on these social network sites is one of the best and interesting ways of being in touch.


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