Free Electronic Health Record Implementation Essay Sample


In an attempt to keep records safe and accurately, many hospitals have embraced the technology of the Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The Electronic Health Record is a system that stores the records in an electronic form. It has features like interoperability, decision support and the continuity of care. The system can also reduce the financial and the legal risks that are involved by improving the safety of the patients. There are many disciplines involved in the Electronic Health Record.

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These include medicine, information science, usability engineering, cognitive sciences and human factors. These disciplines represent the health officers, users, engineers and decision makers. The system uses the input of experts for it to be effective. I could act as the chairperson for the planning team since there are a lot of steps to be taken in the selection and implementation of the system. I feel that I am capable of organizing the team well to ensure that these crucial steps are followed so that the hospital can achieve its objectives.

There are various ways of ensuring that the Electronic Health Record is carefully selected and implemented. These include the definition of the system throughout the organization; setting appropriate expectations; wisely choosing technology and technology partner; accepting and promoting the process changes; and planning the conversion from the paper-based procedures to the final operation of the record, and execution stages. The system involves certain critical issues that should be considered in its selection and implementation. These include the social, economic, technical and political issues. The economic issues address the costs incurred in the implementation and the benefit of the cost reduction after implementation.

Technically, safety issues result from insufficient design, development and the use of the system. The social issue concerns the people who are beneficiaries of the system while the policy making is addressed the political issue. All these issues can either positively or negatively affect the implementation of the system. For example, the social and political issues are reported to cause negative influence in the systems implementation processes.


The successful implementation of the Electronic Health Record requires the involvement of the entire relevant stakeholder including the users, health personnel, decision makers and engineers. Moreover, it is imperative that certain issues involved in its implementation are addressed for efficiency and sustainability.


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