Free Evolution of the Internet Essay Sample

The contemporary internet evolved from an experimental project called ARPANET. The ARPANET was funded by the United States department of defense in 1969 and it used TCP/IP protocol, a standard communication protocol suite which is platform independent, thus allowing data transmission between systems from different vendors.In 1978 a UNIX to UNIX copy program (UUCP) was developed to enable remote execution of commands and transfer of files between UNIX systems. In 1979 the USENET (User`s Network) was developed based on UUCP to facilitate the exchange of information throughout the world. Subsequently in 1981 Computer science network (CSNET) and BITNET were developed to provide email and file transfer services around the world. The National Science Foundation (NSF) in mid-1980s established a network of super computers know as NSFNET network that enabled users to electronically access the data that was stored on the computers.  World Wide Web (WWW) becomes a part of internet in 1990; it enabled the organization of information in the internet into pages that were linked together through hyperlinks. Finally in mid-1990s Intranet networks emerged and they were premised on Internet standards.

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Influence of internet on the use of Telecommunications

Telecommunications is the exchange of data and information over significant distance through electronic means . The rapid growth of the internet and the application of its enabling technology have revolutionized the use of telecommunications. The internet has become the major platform for information transmission services and business applications such as electronic commerce service and enterprise collaboration. Open systems with unlimited internet technology connectivity are the key telecommunications drivers in e-business systems . In addition internet has led to deregulation of telecommunications and has opened it to competitive environment with many carriers, vendors and services. Finally internet has influence telecommunications towards open and internetworked digital network for video, voice and multimedia.


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