Free Future Threats Essay Sample

Technological advancement across the world has brought about major developments in all disciplines. One of the major noticed developments is in the WMD which many countries are trying to adopt as a way of enhancing their security and for the fear of the unknown. Considering the negative impacts brought about by the use of those weapons, there is every reason to take caution of any future threat as the world.

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Like in US, there are perceived future threats that are believed to be brought about by the manufacture of WMD in various countries across the world. For example in Iraq and Afghanistan where the US military are still  in action, it is feared that if they manufacture nuclear weapons then both the military and the US government would act as a main target. Still the manufacture of the same in North Korea and Iran is another future threat incases of outbreak of war and they happen to use them.

In efforts to curb any future threat commissions have been formed to try and come up with initiatives, prevention strategies and recommendations concerning the same. It is as a result of this that the United States  administration decided to work hand in hand with the Russian government to find ways on how to reduce danger impacted by the use of biological and nuclear weapons. Analyzing trends helps in taking necessary steps in implementing policies in the near future.

Law enforcement is critical coupled with organization of resources as a way of combating future threats. The most perceived weapons of mass destruction that might bring threat are the Biological weapons. This is because many countries have the ability to produce dangerous viruses and propagate them allover the world.

In conclusion, as many countries have tried to improve their security through manufacture of WMD, there is a great threat ahead in the life of human nature if these weapons are to be used in any way at any time. It is therefore a government's task to enforce laws and implement policies so as to at a better place as far as attacks are concerned.


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