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The rapid development in network technology is increasingly becoming a challenging issue in organizations. This has occurred following the anonymous attacks which arise following the use of networks. Consequently, this has resulted to the urgent need for organizations to adopt the guidance protection measures against anonymous attacks over the network. With connection, this paper in particular examines; attacks facing organizations, tools and software's making protection optimal, and the guidance practices which organizations should adopt in order to protect their business from the anonymous attacks.    

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Attacks Faced in Organizations

There are various types of attacks which organizations face following the use of network technology. Organizations face attacks on Password, which are commonly known as "password attacks" These attacks are usually planned at estimating the system password awaiting determination of the correct password. Attacks based on passwords are usually carried out in two ways that is; through online cracking and offline cracking. The most popular software tools used for cracking passwords by hackers are; "Elcomsoft", "Hydra", and "Lastbit". Organizations also face the so called "sniffer attacks". Sniffing is considered as the procedure through which attackers capture and examine the trafficking of network.

Attackers use software's referred as sniffers to accomplish their malicious missions. Therefore, sniffers are used to monitor information based on network such as password. This been the case, any person having access to physical network can connect a protocol analyzer hence capturing the traffic network. "Eavesdropping attacks"; is another type of attack that pose challenge to many organizations. In most cases, this type of network attack happens following monitoring of network traffic by an attacker.

"Internet Protocol spoofing attack"; is a type of network attack resulting to challenges in organizations. This kind of an attack normally occurs when an attacker estimates the address of the internet protocol hence tries to make it serve as the valid address of the internet protocol. The major objective of this type of attack is to recognize the network computers, in order to carry out malicious activities to the organization. Filtering router is used as a tool for protecting IP problems. "Modification of data attacks"; is also considered as a type of attack associated with networks. This revolves around modifying or deleting the organization data by attackers with the aim to compromise the integrity of the data.

With connection to the above discussed types of attacks, organizations therefore face these attacks both internally and externally. Externally, the attacks are carried out by wicked experienced individuals at their own means. The external attacks can be classified into; structured and unstructured, local and remote. The structured external attack comes from malevolent individuals, hence are started from network invaders that perceive intentional contemplation on the actual compensation and losses which they propose to cause. Unstructured attacks arise from attackers who are inexperienced.

Remote external attacks are intended at the services which an organization provides to the community. The local external threats arise from circumstances where the facilities of computing are common and the admission to the systems can be accessed. Internally, organizations suffer the attacks from disappointed workers within the organization. Malicious activities of attackers includes; stealing software's and hardware's, using data for industrial surveillance, unlawfully using user accounts and rights, and carrying out actions that stop genuine official  users from the right of entry to network resources and services.

Tools and Software Making Protection Optimal

Following the increased challenges facing organizations over the network use, there are various tools and software's which are used to make the protection most favorable. This include; intrusion detection systems, installation of antivirus software's, network threat prevention tools, network threat isolation software's,  and network threat recovery tools. Other are; running internet protocol security measures to protect information before is sent, use digital software's to ensure data is not edited while being transmitted, and employ access control list software's to limit users who should access particular information.   

Guidance practices Organization's adopt to protect their business from anonymous attacks.

Put into practice security policies and measures to protect attackers from connecting a sniffer on the system. Organizations should consider authentication of user with a strong password and a username. Adopt the proxy and firewall measures with the aim to restrict on the strangers. Installation of software's like the antivirus and internet safety software packages should be given a priority. This software's contribute highly in preventing attacks which occur following the increased use of networks in organizations.

Putting into effect physical security safety measures to employees is another guidance practice. Since the internal threats arise from employees of the organization, this measure fights such behaviors. Practice monitoring of the network especially when the need arises. Monitoring helps in discovering threats hence this gives users the chance to provide the required solution with immediate effect. Further, security fencing and guards should be given priority in order to cover the organization perimeter.


From the above study, it is worth noting that anonymous attacks arise from use of network thus posing challenges to organizations. Researching the available tools and software's in the market, and implementing the guidance practices is therefore seen as the solution towards combating the attacks. Organizations are advised to adhere to the above measures in order to prosper successfully.


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