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Wi-fi technology has continued to be used widely especially in US. By July 2010 over 220,000 Organizations and universities were using Wi-Fi technology in their infrastructure. This is bound to continue as most institutions aim at promoting their businesses by offering free internet access to their clients while they are within their premises. The increased use of  Wi-Fi access points provides network redundancy and supports a large number of fast roaming devices, the network capacity of a geographical area can be increased by using more channels. One such geographical area that continues to witness growth in the use of Wi-Fi technology is New York City. In the next few years the technology is moving towards the use of 'thin' access points, where the network intelligence will be housed at a central place and the wider geographical points will just need transceivers to form hotspots. Wi-Fi technology will continue to expand in terms of services provided to include firewalls and intrusion detection systems

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Security concerns of WI-FI technology

Network security-It provides for unauthorized access to the network by people who are within rich. The intruder can then use DNS spoofing attacks requests to intercept requests on the network. This poses major security concern to organization who deploy wireless access to their network. 

Data security is an issue as the technique used for data encryption is easily breakable. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is prone to breakages by cryptanalysts hence the issue of security of data is a major problem with wireless access. 

Yes I use this technology and the reasons for use include the following:

It is convenient since it does not require physical connection, thus reducing costs for building a network

Most laptops today are embedded with wireless network adapters thus making it easier to use the Wi-Fi technology.

The widespread use of Wi-Fi in corporate infrastructures and most universities make it almost mandatory for a student to use the technology as it is free.

Wi-Fi products are backward compatible and are standardized thus making them more convenient since they can be used anywhere in the world.


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