Free Importance of Technology in Information Security Essay Sample

Information security is basically keeping information in secret so as to avoid being used or read by anyone trying to have ill motives and also trying to extort information from the source without authority. Traditionally, the contrast the difficulty that arises due to inability to transfer information to the people shot of the formal education. In such areas, they are just having the mandate of protecting the community interest and the basic amenities that are required and owned by the society such as food and the water. Whenever there is a growth in the society, the need for having the information shared becomes a necessity.

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Basically information security was just meant for written and oral communications only but later there was need for keeping the community away from open information therefore information started being put in secret to protect the community from the harm. An example of the famous information security was the Roman Empire where they made scripts that could be read then disposed because it cold dissolves in water.

But the most recent information security is the military where information was kept in secret terms to keep their opponents and enemies from getting any information. The Second World War played an important role among different countries whereby some countries made secrets that they finally gained an advantage over their opponents due to the secret access to information of their opponents for instance Germany and Japan severed from the disadvantage as their information were accessed.

Internet being a source of information that is unrestricted to many people, the challenge is to keep the information in a manner that everyone could not access or post some sensitive information in the internet. The computerized information is the major focus whereby there is a lot of information being shared online and that without control, there is a possibility of having crimes committed in the internet. While posting information over the internet, there are some elements that should be observed to enhance security it includes: integrity, availability of the information and the confidentiality.

The information shared should actually be made to be precise as much as possible in order to control the usage and the streaming of the information. The information technology play an important role transfer of information but there should be a security associated with any information to protect it from distortion therefore making it become a good source of information to the public.

Legitimacy is important as far as the information in the internet is concerned. Since the process is complex and that people should choose the kind of people they want to keep their information to. Since the process is quite complex and that the computer systems keep on changing every now and then, the systems should also be upgraded to merge with the security standard of the network of the time. Security should make information available but also keep away from the risk that the information being sent holds enough integrity to be distributed among the internet users.

The problems of the information technology security doesn't end since the manipulations of the web format every now and causes an imbalance in the system therefore it is actually a big challenge in trying to balance the quality and technology therefore posing for the need to have the best out the internet. Basically improving the network to the most remote area could make the internet quality. Though the importance of the internet is a lot, there is a lot to work on in order to deal with the challenge of being more vulnerable to any distortion of information or sharing information that were never meant to be shared upon.


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