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The rampart cases of medical administration errors were the main cause of the study of the clinical problem. This was a result of various instances where clinicians used manual methods of data recording and storing. As a result of this scenario the clinicians spent a lot of time to prepare and document all the patients’ details. Most of the files in the hospitals contained patients’ information pertaining to medication and treatment. Thus, it was necessary for a research to be carried out in order to find possible solutions to the documentation problems listed. Another clinical problem that was to be solved by the study was related to the patients’ safety. Medication errors that had initially been realized in the clinics had led to wrong interpretation of medical subscriptions.

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What was not known is that the incorporation of electronic Medical data tapping mechanisms would solve the clinical problem. The solution would have been the use of electronic medical administration. Thus, such basics administrative data errors could not have occurred. Proper research procedures would be necessary before adopting the electronic medication administration errors. Consequently a study was initiated in order to ascertain the viability of eMAR.

The study was defined by a well strategized plan listing out the possible significance. It was realized that the full implementation of eMAR software in clinics was so successful. These clinics have up to now realized a 35% decrease in medication faults relation to patient’s records. Besides that, the clinics have accounted for up to a 50% reduction in the compilation time in comparison to the manual method. In addition, the study offers basic information important for the practicing nurses.

Purpose and Research Questions

The core purpose of this study was to perform an evaluation based on the usefulness of electronic medication administration system. In addition, the research was aimed at providing important data. This data could be used to compare the effects of handwritten records alongside electronic. The research was equally meant to evaluate the amount of satisfaction derived from the prescription done through electronic system. In addition, the research was meant to establish the implementation of eMAR in verifying bed numbers. 

Another purpose of the research is to gauge the influence of the mechanized clinical charts on the possible medical and administrative reports. In addition, the research is directed to investigate on the medication severity when administration errors occur. The research work carried out was also meant to offer a qualitative appraisal of medical administrative system in relation to e-prescription. The research is also meant to find out the various effects of clinical order entries. In relation to this, nursing documentation is analyzed so as to cover the entire provision of computerization.

The research was equally geared towards coming up with strategies to evaluate on persistence of e-clinical ordering. The research seeks to test on the inconsistencies that may be realized with the incorporation of electronic clinics. The last objective of the research was to seek knowledge about the influence brought about by e-prescription on the errors realized in the clinics.

Based on the study analysis, it is evident that the research objectives and questions were all geared towards addressing the prevalent problem. Additionally, all the qualitative methods applied in the research proved effective.

Qualitative and quantitative studies relevant to the problem were adequately focused on in the research. This involved categorical data analysis based on the clinical point of view. Varied classes of clinics were captured in the research extending on the quantitative approach. In addition, the research offered returns analyzed on the quantitative approach of returns. This included an analysis which provided for full implementation of eMAR documentation software. This resulted to a total of 35% fall in medication faults in relation to patient’s records. In addition to that, the clinics have accounted for up to a 1/2 reduction in the time used up in compiling all the necessary medical documentations.

Based on the years of publications, it can be realized that all amount to less than 5 years span.  This ideology gives a lot of support for findings retrieved in the research work. The author provided an evaluation capturing on the weaknesses of every study. An example of such weakness realized in the study is that it did not over the special care settings.

The author identified specific perspectives of carrying out the research study. This perspective was focused on the clinical approach. In this grounding based on the research however, the researcher did not base his considerations on the diagram theory of approach. The findings did not equally incorporate development of diagrammatic framework. The researcher fully implemented theoretical framework in putting down his research findings. The effectiveness of e-medication administration record system (eMAR) software in the clinical fraternity is well positioned in the report. 


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