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I chose the MPhil course in technology at Cambridge University because it does provide us students with information in technology background and also a chance to achieve leadership positions in our future careers at technology based organizations either public or private. Thus its unique dual competence is what motivated me to apply for the course; enhance my academic knowledge as well as think beyond technical considerations on administrative paths. I have ever had a passion technical knowledge and want to be in an influential position where I can also inspire people, and this course gives the exact chance to do the same. In future, I aspire to become an ICT manager in one of the leading companies in the world. This scholarship will thereby help me to advance the already acquired skills in technology to a level of perfection and application. At the same time, the scholarship will reward me with a chance to practice and polish my leadership skills as will be required in my future position as an ICT manager.

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Although I could want to use my gained technical skills in the job market, I feel I will continue with the course up to masters' level and I believe this course will be of great help to help understand the concepts at the next level. I also love the course as it has a professional code of practice and it is true to the reality of policy making and will be of great help. I have met the specifications for applying for this scholarship as stipulated herein. I hail from a humble background and my parents cannot meet my education financial needs at this level owing to the fact that my father has just been retrenched and my mother is a mere casual worker. I have equally superseded the minimum academic qualifications for this scholarship having attained a second class honors degree as well as successfully completing an English test where I attained 500 in the computer-based TOEFL test with 7.0 in the Essay Writing Test. I am currently not studying any course at the Cambridge and will be available for study at the required duration.  I come from a lineage of athletes and on a personal level I did compete in lawn tennis in our high school and emerged second best overall. I was the captain of the team by then, and I managed to assemble a strong team that competed in the national level and due to my prowess in leadership skills, we emerged tops and were recognized by the sports union of our country. I hereby apply for a full-cost scholarship in MPhil course in technology at Cambridge.

This is a new course for me and I kindly do apply for a scholarship. I come from outside the UK, and willing to study the MPhil course to the end and extend to masters and take an active part in leadership positions in the future. I look forward to studying this course and to enable me learn smoothly I appeal for a scholarship to enable me study without interruptions. I look forward to hear from you, thanks in advance.

My journey toward technology has been marked by hands-on experiences that supplement my academic achievements. During my undergraduate years, I actively participated in internships and practical projects, gaining practical insights that complement my theoretical knowledge. These experiences have strengthened my resolve to pursue a course that not only delves into the intricacies of technology but also prepares me for the practical challenges of the professional world.

Moreover, I have engaged in community initiatives where I organized workshops to bridge the digital divide. This has highlighted the transformative power of technology in empowering communities. It's a perspective that I bring to the MPhil course—an understanding that technology is not merely a field of study but a catalyst for positive change.

In addition to my achievements in tennis, I have also been involved in various extracurricular activities that showcase my versatility and adaptability. From participating in coding competitions to contributing to technology-focused community projects, I have actively sought opportunities to broaden my skill set and make meaningful contributions to the tech community. As I come from a region outside the UK, my international perspective is a valuable asset. I believe that diversity in experiences and cultural backgrounds enriches the learning environment, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that mirrors the global nature of the technology industry.

In terms of future aspirations, beyond the ICT managerial role, I aim to leverage technology for social impact. My vision involves actively participating in projects that harness innovation to address societal challenges. This broader perspective aligns with the ethos of the MPhil course, which not only imparts technical knowledge but also encourages students to consider the societal implications of their work.

In conclusion, my multidimensional experiences, commitment to community engagement, and aspirations for societal impact further underscore my suitability for the MPhil course in technology at Cambridge University. I am eager to contribute to the vibrant academic community at Cambridge and, with your support, make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Thank you for considering my application.


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