Free Place of Technology in Contemporary Culture Essay Sample

Contemporary culture is largely influenced by technology. This has been observed in nearly all spheres of life where technology is readily available. The virtual world that most people are cherishing has so many implications at individual level. Virtual worlds have become convenient grounds for education, entertainment, business, socialization and many other aspects of humanity. However living in the virtual world can be dangerous particularly when it deceives people because of their wrong perceptions. When people come into terms with the real world they regret a lot based on the difference that comes out between the two worlds. It better to live in the real world, no matter how impoverished and unstable, than to live in a virtual world that is ordered so as to take care of our needs and let us get on with our everyday lives. 

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As human beings, we were created to live in a real world in which our fore fathers lived. It is in the real world where the truth is easily found. This real world is sufficient to satisfy our needs be they social spiritual or physical. The resources in the real world can easily be accessed to our fulfillment. However when we ignore these resources and look for fulfillment in the virtual world we tend to deceive ourselves. In the contemporary culture, individuals fear making contacts with others in the natural circumstances. For instance, going to the bus stage and meeting a new friend can be a very difficult task to most people. Instead, they resort to go to the virtual world and meet new friends. For instance, on social networking, sites there are so many singles looking for friendship and this is evidence of how contemporary culture has become so much dependent on the virtual world.

The virtual world only creates an illusion in the minds of many people. Such illusions tend to be misguiding and are dangerous. The illusions in the virtual world fill hearts with false notions that cannot be relied upon in the real world. "Yes I said I think that he would rather suffer anything than entertain these false notions and live in this miserable manner". When people in the virtual are done with the illusions, they end up suffering and living miserable lives. For instance, they fail to work hard and focus on the things that can improve their lives. The virtual world is full of so many uncertainties that people have to deal with. The chances of overcoming the challenges are slim and that is why many are left heartbroken upon their departure from the world. 

The virtual world makes people to easily forget about the natural world they originated from before getting into the new world. As mentioned by Plato such a world makes the people inside to pity those who have never ventured into this world. "And when he remembered his old habitation and the wisdom of the den and his fellow prisoners, do you not suppose that he would fecilitate himself on the change and pity them.". This implies that people in the virtual world feel that whoever is not experiencing the world has been left behind and something is wrong with him or her.

The virtual world tends to deceive individuals on their popularity. In a virtual environment, an individual would have a feeling that he has so many friends. When he comes to the real world, such friends do not exist and one is left in loneliness. It is much better to have friends that can be there for one in the real world than to have people in the virtual world whose voice and touch cannot be felt especially during the times of need.

In the virtual world, we only perceive the imperfect form of things, which seem to be the reflections of the ultimate forms. The characters of people we perceive during online interactions for instance are just but a reflection of their true character. "And first he will see the shadows best, next the reflections of objects in the water and next the objects themselves." This phrase is significant in illustrating how people get accustomed to the virtual world. Often they get used to seeing the shadows of the people with whom they interact in the course of their life in the virtual world. These shadows are perceived by the virtual world users to be the reality. For instance, when someone comes up with a fake identity in a virtual world, it is so easy for such a person to deceive so many people with his shadow. With such a form and deception, so many people can fall into the trap of such scammers and in the end, they end up regretting for their involvement with the character in the virtual world.

Just like the prisoners in the Allegory who are bound to the floor and cannot turn their heads to see what goes on behind them, so are the people in the virtual world. It is so difficult for people in the virtual world to comprehend beyond the shadows they see. If anything goes on behind their back they are normally caught unaware is a result of being misled with their perceptions. Based on this, it is therefore safer to stay in the real world than to be deceived what we perceive to be the truth in the virtual world. In the real world the truth seems to be more close to us than in the virtual world.


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