Free Pros and Cons of Information Technology Essay Sample

In the year 1970's information technology was only known to those who worked in hospitals and banks to describe the process they used to store information. The development of technology has seen the growth of this concept to computing technology and paperless at workplaces. This can be applied to any industry that uses computers to store, manipulate, retrieve, transmit and provide information protection. Information technology has impacted the world both positively and negatively. Information technology provides an efficient and comfortable working environment in all the areas of it's' application, it has provided a new type of employment opportunity where the I.T experts are involved in its operations. While technology has provided a good number of positive impacts in our society, it is good to recognize that information technology has created more problems than solutions to the wider society.

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Unemployment levels have increased, the adaption of technology by most of companies has left the world's large population without a source of income. There have been a lot of cries among the public when banks and other companies went for computerization. This is because when a company is computerized there is always a high possibility of people losing their jobs since the manual repetitive job, would be automated hence requiring a small number of people in those areas.

Information Technology has been used to reduce the number of people working in certain areas due to the computers capability to store, manipulate and retrieve information with high speed , for instance an office with many clerks , where one is for entering records in a book, another for storage of books , other for record retrieving and others for tallying the records which may take a huge amount of time ,if such an organization adopts the use of technology which is fast in storing , manipulating and retrieving these records then it means that the first option would be to reduce the number of workers hence resulting to unemployment.          

Computer crimes, these are crimes involving the use of computers when being committed , these category of crime has now days increased drastically due to the ease with which individuals are able to access the computers, commit a crime and escape without being noticed.  A computer is termed as a "black box", this is because when one is using it  people on the other side cannot  be sure of the user's authenticity hence may relay confidential information to the wrong person since the identity of the person is concealed by the computer.  Computer technology especially the internet has extraordinarily grown in both the size and the number of users which was once limited to military and educational institutions.  With internet one is able to access unlimited information even beyond the expected limits.

Institutions are able to store and access their daily information through the computer systems; in most cases the information stored is very sensitive and confidential.  Unauthorized access to this information a practice called hacking can be disastrous to the private and public sector. The banks have lost a huge amount of money through this practice.

Privacy is the ability for an individual to conceal his/her personal information; this means that an individual's information will be used on their consent. The computer technology has the capacity to store a very huge amount of information, its also possible to manipulate this information within a short time and also transmit or use it in other areas of ones wish, if this personal information falls on the  individuals with wrong motives it can be misused, hence infringing other peoples privacy. Personal information about an individual stored in a computer system should be protected under all means to ensure confidentiality of that information and maintaining peoples dignity.

Social sites such as Facebook , MySpace and many others have become very popular over the last few years and many people have continued to give their personal details over the internet without the knowledge that this information is stored for future use and is always available to the public, if this information is misused ,where people are using unauthorized personal information in advertisements ,then it infringes on other peoples privacy.

Traditionally personal information was stored on file cabinets which made it difficulty to access private information this minimized unauthorized use of personal information in computers. With the advent of technology and social sites the information is always available and people are using others personal data without authorization.

Health can be described as the well being of a person physically, mentally or socially.  Over the recent years computers have dominated most of all the jobs that are done in government and private offices. There power to make work easier, fast and being more efficient and accurate has made the technology irresistible. The use of computers comprises of looking at the screen which produces radiations, keystrokes which in most cases are tiresome to the fingers and also one should be seated on a well supported chair to avoid backache. The continued use of computer has had significant impact in our daily lives which even affect our health.

Some of the computer related health problems include digital divide, this describes the gap between people who can effectively access information technology and those who have limited access to it.  This includes inequality in both physical access and the know- how needed to effectively in digital utilization. It also reflects the knowledge divide in access of various social groups to information and resources.

The advent of computers has further increased the social groupings of various categories of people with the latest divide being the digital seclusion. This propagates the aspect that some people cannot access this information tool and therefore lag behind in the development arena. It portrays the computer technology as the resource of only the elite groups in the society and the people in the urban areas hence making the rest of the population drawback in terms of technological advancement. The technological villages being set up to address the digital divide are only accessible to the few young and elite population which therefore do not address the divide but increase the gap. The divide has impacted greatly on the gap between the rich and the poor, where technological knowledge continues to widen the gap and access to information is perceived to produce the differences in development opportunities of individuals and that the distances are established between those who can access the information and those who cannot access it.       

When secretaries are applying for a job they find themselves answering questions on whether they have the skills in using computers. People have ended up forgetting their school learnt skills in writing and designs which are left unutilized, which means that the unused skills are easily forgotten.  Computers have reduced people to be the button pressers and the computer performs the rest of the work, which leads to loss of skills and personal growth in ones' career development and experience.     

Computers in our societies have made working environment extremely easier, most of the large industries operating their daily duties using computers. Despite having a significant help in various industries they have also had their negative impact.


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