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A time existed when man had independence and had four slaves comprising of two legs and two arms. Time has changed, and forced man to become the slave of machines. Technology and modernization together with education have contributed to innovations of machines that man depends on to do everything. This paper discusses the changes that man has made from slaves to machines.

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Initially man used his arms and legs to do almost everything. He managed to do various things without problem or difficulty. However, as technology developed and improved as time passed, made man innovative. Man started developing machines that would help him ease his work.  He started with primitive machines that helped to do some work but with the help of his limbs. However, as the world became modernized, man invented sophisticated machines that could do much work without the need of too much effort. Life became easy because the suffering and hardship that he experienced while doing work considerably reduced. Slowly man started depending on machinery for everything that he did.

Initially man used to travel long distances, solely, using his two legs. However, as time passed, he started looking for things that would help quicken his journey. He started with things such as bicycles to simple motor vessels and now to ships, aeroplanes, motor bicycles and sophisticated cars. Now man cannot walk even for shorter distances like five hundred meters, just because of the dependence on machines.

Everything now revolves on electricity. When man had no electricity he went on with his duties normally, but the invention of electricity made man a slave to machines. Nowadays almost every machine uses electricity ranging from industrial machines, manufacturing machines, domestic machines, such as microwaves and other machines use electricity. In other words, machines cannot work without electricity and man cannot work without machines. Therefore, electricity and machines work hand in hand and man depend on both of them to carry out his duties.

Today, man has become dependent on machines such that thinking a life without them proves horrible and difficult. For instance, man works out simple calculations using calculators. Initially man could use his brains to work out even the most difficult sums, but now without calculators he cannot do even the simple arithmetic. Computers have become part of the daily life activities of man. Man depends on computers for everything he does today. He talks of everything in terms of computers. Today, man cannot do anything important without the use of computers. His education, businesses, family life and private life depends on computers. He uses computers to do and store significant and essential things that relate to his life.

Today, the day does not start with the raise of the sun or the crow of the cock but with the alarm of the clock. Man uses machines to cool his environment. He also uses machines to warm his environment in times of cold.

Man made machines to make his life better and simple. However, he did not know that these machines would make him a slave. He now works to come up with better machines that will help him do that which the current machines do not do. Machines have made the life of man first and private that people do not realize how time passes. For instance, the news once indicated that lights went off in New York, and that was when people knew their neighbors. This shows how man depends on machines rather than his counterparts.


Machines have made the life of man in the earth easy and enjoyable. However, they have made man dangerously depend on them that he can no longer think his life without machines. This has made man lazy, up to a certain extent.


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