Free Technological Advances in Hotel Industry Essay Sample

Use of Information technology in the hotel industry has developed from operational use to tactical use over the last 30 years. Use of tiresome paperwork and cards was the norm in the hotel industry but due to technological advancement, there is convenience to both customers and the hotels. Booking hotel rooms and making reservations mainly used to be done through phone calls.

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These days most reservations are done online directly to the hotels or online through travel agencies. This creates utmost convenience to the guests who avoid the tedious process of calling different hotels to enquire on room availability or making reservations. Other than booking rooms, guests find it easier using tools like internet to be in touch with their families back home, or in instances of business trips, the guests are able to communicate with their respective offices.

Hotels also benefit by availing such online services by cost reduction, since they get to employ less people. Billing used to be mainly paper based where the hotel had to keep track with the customer and inform them what they have and how much every purchase costs. Advanced accounting software easily keeps track of available products and prices.

The biggest impact of technological advancement in the hotel industry is on advertisement. Hotels are finding it easier to reach more people using the internet than they ever did 20 to 30 years ago. It is very economical to advertise through the internet as compared to other forms of media like newspapers, magazines or the television. Potential customers get to view all services offered at a click of a button instead of sourcing numerous brochures that can be unavailable at times.


Technological advances have generally improved the hotel industry by reducing workload in hotels and cutting costs. From the perspective of guests, it has created convenience in things like better communication while on hotels, ease in making reservations, and a source of entertainment.


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