Free Technology as Business Tool Essay Sample

Technology is a paramount tool in any business. In the current world, it is impossible to execute various business operations without use of technology which comes in many forms. Embracing technology is of great essence so as to reap maximum benefits from any business. However, as much as technology presents many benefits to businesses, it also has a number of disadvantages. Thus, it is imperative to both employees and employers to come up with amicable means of managing business technology. This is important as it will aid in realizing full benefits from technology and in avoiding negative effects of technology.

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Technology makes business operations fast and effective.  Proper management of technology in businesses will provide better utilization of time. This is achieved as information is received at a fast rate, processed, and delivered to the concerned stakeholders. Networking between different departments in the organization becomes fast and easier. This reduces transport and communication costs to a great extent. Moreover, information is easily stored in good formats and is also easier to retrieve. Employing sophisticated technology will result in satisfied clientele that will increase profits gained from this technology. All these benefits improve efficiencies in business operations thus enabling business achieve its full potential.

On the other hand, technology serves as major distraction in workplaces especially through social networks. Any employee who engages in social networks during work hours will not concentrate on his or her duties reducing the output of the business. Another risk to businesses is detrimental repercussions experienced if data is lost or misused due to internet traffic. Confidential business information might be accessed by unauthorized personnel’s if proper safety measures are not put in place.

Thus, uses of technology in businesses require sound management. This paper will summarize diverse cases explored to determine diverse economic and ethical projections presented by technology.

In the first case, the author examines how employees abuse office technology by using working hour to access social networks or do online shopping. Miranda a university worker is reprimanded for using internet for personal activities which is against the university policies. This has detrimental effects on the employees as the employer can fire them.

The second case explores the use of social networks such as facebook. Though these networks provide easier means of communication, they also pose a variety of threats. Private lives are often exposed to the public due to use of social networks. The author presents the case of Jonathan who is gay and uses social networks to interact with his mates. As one of his manager named Mitch notices Jonathan’s picture in the social site, he is concerned about Jonathan’s future as the company he works in is managed by conservative managers who do not cordon gay people. As the author postulated during a meeting held between Jonathan and Mitch, discussing these issues will open one’s mind on how to use technology to avoid conflicts or negative impacts on his or her career. Information posted to public domain through social sites need thorough scrutiny to avoid exposing one’s personal life to the public.

The third case explores on the use of surveillance technology in business. A manager named Murray uses CCTV surveillance data he secretly gathers to reduce time wasted by employees in his chain store thus increasing efficiency of the business.  From these expositions, it is evident that proper management of technology is paramount in order to improve business efficiency and eliminate many risks often posed by technology.


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