Free Technology and Society Magazine Essay Sample

This is memo is written as a response to an article in December, 1986 magazine edition on  IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, in the magazine by Whelchel  where technology was illustrated as being neutral. By being neutral the article meant that technology is morally neutral as its effect is how the human beings decide to employ it either for good or for evil. The article labored to demonstrate to us that technology does not work in interacting with the society and thus it is used by humans as a means to an end.

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The article by Whelchel Cleary states that technology has no value in the society as it has both good elements and some evil elements which works to its disadvantage and thus is not of any importance to man. Those who advance the theory of moral neutrality in technology argue that technology is used as a tool for which the society uses. Thus the society cannot later come to condemn what it has created and aids it.

In the society we live in the role of technology cannot be emphasized, technology almost symbolizes all the aspects of the human world. It has changed the way we do things in all manner of ways from medicine, warfare, communication, transport and most aspects of human lives. Technology has with time become completely engrained into the society and became a part of life.

Therefore with the role that technology has adopted in our lives technology cannot continue to exist as neutral, it must have values or morals. With its continued influence on the society, technology will need a force to develop and drive it; it needs to be provided with some form of inspiration and direction.

According to an article by Wetmore  on the same magazine in the Summer of 2007, he argued that for technology to have an impact in the society it should be generated from the society. The article states that all technological decisions should be shaped in such a way that they are in line with the society norms. Any technology that is against the values of the society should not be developed. The society should also come to realize that any technology that they acquire will work in identifying the society as it is part of their identity. It is important to note that one cannot easily differentiate between technology, values and the society as they are heavily intertwined. Practitioner of technology need a drive, the society input should be the steering that drive the society practitioners forward.

No society can live without technology and technology needs the society for it to thrive, therefore it is of importance that both the society and technology work to influence each other to the general improving of the welfare of its people. Technology can either work in the enhancement of social norms or the destruction. It can work in the lost of identity of a society affect the way people in a society interact, technology should be a tool that helps in the construction of social order. People cannot let technology to shape them but they should realize that they have the power to change technology and influence it positively to the needs of their lifestyle.


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