Free Technology Impact on Written Word: Challenge and Evolution Essay Sample

Written texts are formally present everywhere. In the past, information was presented orally but as technology emerged, information could be written and printed. Written text has been used everywhere as the central source of information. With the evolution of modernization, technology of writing has also become modern. The internet has done it all in which case we find all the information on the internet. Internet is a worldwide network that connects millions of computers. It is not controlled in a central place but a certain design tends to decentralize it. Every internet computer normally referred to as host is operated in such a way information can be chosen to reach a certain target. Every network has to cooperate with the other in order to direct traffic so that information passes on. In today's world internet has replaced manual work. When compared to written word, internet is more preferable although there are cases when it is irreplaceable. Thesis statement: modern technology like internet will challenge the book or the written word.

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The use of term challenge in this context means that the modern technology will have a great influence on the written word but it will not replace it. The modern technology will either substitute written text/books or enhance the written text. Writing has been the basic technology which has been in use for storage of information and its communicating. Today, the modern technology is changing everything because most information is being typed on a computer's keyboard. The use of ink is slowly reducing but in some cases, documents have to be manually printed like in legal matters; legal documents like wills or contracts have to be printed. The typed text is stored on an electronic device or a hard disk which can be retrieved later. The stored information is communicated on the internet through electronic means.

One challenge that the internet has posed is that information can be found cheaply and easily online. This has caused the previously stocked book shelves to reduce or entirely disappear and replaced with decorations. Individuals are no longer going to the libraries because all the information is being published on the internet. When we attach much significance to the internet, we can be made to think that internet will replace written word and books. To some extent, this seems to be the case because colleges and universities are developing online libraries where students can access all books and other information they require. Furthermore, there is online learning where one does not need attending a physical class. There are other search engines like Google where books can be accessed online. All these pose a challenge to the written word.

However, there are cases when written word will still be required. A good example is where legal matters are concerned. A testament will have to be written in ink. There are other documents that have to be signed manually. Hence, the written word will never fade away. When we examine the use of online books or text, we find that individuals do not concentrate much on these texts. Hence, much information is not covered but with printed books, an individual is able to follow the text up to completion. Furthermore, books are easier to carry around than laptops which require power back up. The books are even more secure to carry around and read even in fields while relaxing. Hence, the modern technology will only enhance the written text but it will not replace it.


The modern technology like the internet will not replace the written word or book. However, the modern technology will challenge it. This is because of the more advantages than disadvantages of the use of internet. This paper has found that the use of internet has made reading, storage and communication of information easier and cheaper. The paper has also found that the written word is irreplaceable in some cases especially in legal matters like testaments. Therefore, modern technology like internet will challenge the book or the written word but will not replace it.


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