Free Technology Mans Downfall Essay Sample

Looking back twenty years ago or so one may doubt how human beings did things: ranging from production, consumption, communication, business and to the most basic day to day activities. Today's society is characterized by super fast changes and dynamism. Each minute fresh inventions and innovations kindle a sequence of further technologies developing new ways of doing things and new forms of goods. Technology refers to the application of techniques, art, instruments, systems and new forms of organization so as to solve certain issues or even create new perspective and goods.  Technology is the synthetic augmentation of human control and knowledge.  Our social and physical life is adversely affected by technology in many ways and more specifically it affects the capacity of human beings to control and adapt to the environment within.

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Technology is becoming an imperative necessity for man that he cannot escape from, it takes quite an enormous role and serves man and solves all his problems. Inventions and innovations have altered our perception of the social order we live in and even the society itself. For instance globalization and consolidation of the world into a single market has made it a requirement to communicate anywhere and anytime, especially with family members and business contacts. Scientists have been inspired by these necessities and created information technology which has eased, made communication cheaper and accessible among individuals and organizations. Remarkably the communications technology continues to take anew shape today: very minute cellular phones that can fit in the palms and which have various features and small laptops that can fit in the pockets have been invented.

Perhaps, the greatest breakthrough in technology has come with the invention of the internet. It has permitted a new way of transmitting information digitally. Music, books, pictures and video files can be sent effortlessly from one location at the click of the mouse. Governments and business organizations across the sphere can join and strike deals without having to fly the great distances. Transportation has also been effectively eased and has become cheaper and faster. One doesn't have to take weeks and months travelling from places but it's just a matter of a considerably short time. The invention of super-fast jets, planes, trains, ships and vehicles makes this aspect quite practical. 

Technology and business are inseparable. Throughout history technology and business has become so much intertwined such that with withdraw of technology businesses would eventually collapse. The need for new methods of producing goods, research, development, distribution, management and administrative resources levels of businesses operations have necessitated the innovations we now see employed in businesses.  Technology has enhanced the growth of commerce and trade across the globe, ranging from small scale enterprises to multinational companies. Authenticity of globalization would not have been achieved without technology.

How would communication between clients and service providers across nations happen? How would commodities such as oil be transported from USA to China? Today all enterprises regardless of the size have the capability to go globally through the use of internet. Technology's role towards business organizations cannot be taken for granted; nearly each facet of business is greatly subjective to technology. Technology has turn out to be extremely significant that it has develop into a mammoth industry itself from computer hardware manufacturing, to software design and development, and robotics. Technology has develop into a billion dollar industry for a number of persons.

Magnitude of technology in health care sector cannot be overlooked. Think the many lives that would be lost without the existing knowledge on treatment and prevention of diseases. In the past vaccines and curative medicine did not exist and often a disease would sweep almost the entire community but today due to scientific discoveries almost all diseases can be treated the untreatable diseases can also be managed effectively. The vaccinations, drugs and medicines developed with huge quantity of studies have assisted to save the life of millions of populace across the sphere. This has amplified the endurance rate in all parts of the earth. The construction of hi-tech hospitals, clinics and health care centers outfitted with all modern facilities has also enhanced the commerce scope of companies operating in the health care grounds.

Countries today are in the fuss to enhance their defense and military systems to ensure peace and stability which are fundamental needs of a nation and one of the governments provision to their citizens. Technology has seen the improvement of this field of defense through improvement of army weapons, missiles, fighter planes, choppers and nuclear power. Creation of a hi-tech defense system is achievable only by replacing the military hardware running on past technology with the modern ones.

New methods of production have emerged with genetic engineering and modification of crops taking a lead. Back in our homes new electronic and tools facilitate our day to day chores and ease the way we carry these chores. Economies of people and organization are so much dependent on the available technology: the newer the technology the more an individual or an organization is considered well adapted to face the challenges of today's society. Technology can be viewed as a process of change in the world coupled with weighty advantages although technology does affect our lives in a negative way. The changes makes the past detached away from the present such that with the advancement of technology we tend to dispose the old methods of doing things and also throw away the old products which are perceived as outdated. Technology ought to make man more powerful and smarter; nevertheless our uncontrolled society is discovering that it now has the contradictory consequence. Nuclear power has frightened and paralyzed its authors, while the improved cleverness and flexibility of our machines have caused social chaos and economic stagnation.

The gradual changes in technology are continuously weakening the social organization and ties within the society and families. The roles and functions of individuals are diffused by geographical mobility. This result in cultural confusion with shifting beliefs attitudes, values, norms and standards consequently it arises in stress and personality and conflict. With this increased trend in technological advancements the future becomes more uncertain and unpredictable especially with the creation of nuclear and mass weapons, thereby making individuals insecure of tomorrow.  The development of machines and industrialization leads to displacement of workers. Any organization that adopts a modern technology is sure to lay off some of its workers. Human strength and endurance are no longer the limiting factor in achievements but machines have taken this. 

Machines do not generate jobs; they certainly eliminate the requirement for human effort. Man has misused technology and this has brought about devastating effects: can be misused by scientists to create unfortunate destructive forces.  The weapon used can cause health complications among soldiers and people and can even kill. For instance the effects of the world war are evident in Japan to date and effects of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Technology also contributes towards environmental annihilation. Weaponry of obliteration such as bombs, wipe out people and their homes and wipe out the neighboring surroundings. For instance much of the Afghani forest has been denuded by bombing and the habitat of native wildlife has been shattered.

Knowledge arises to placate our wants and needs; this is how society and technology silhouette the tomorrow. Although technology and invention have many pluses and minuses, the focal motive things are devised is to make a task easier to execute. Technology makes tasks easier, faster, more efficient, and better. Despite the many benefits it has we have seen that technology has cons: it can make people slothful, products are made more cheaply and becomes a loss to producers and technology can have antagonistic effects on an individual's social and psychological health and security.

The society is caught in a state of delusion asserting that nothing has changed with the advent of technology this denial is each day creating its own issues including: an escalating poverty cycle, exploitation and monopolization by organizations that control major resources, increased social confusion and disorganization, production of under standard goods and services among other effects.


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