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Technology has been record in improving the livelihood of many people across the world in a few decades. The growth of economies has tremendous surpassing the growth in a centaury prior to the new twist in technology. Since the new down in the computer system in the 1980s, development of industries and services industries have been tremendous and precisely adopting and gaining an easier way of engaging on in social and economic development. Digital technology allows access of information faster therefore allowing an easier interaction of people globally.

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The basics of technology lie on the living standards that were being experienced sometimes before the arrival of the new technology. Most of the livelihoods depended much on physical strengths to achieve developments. This was called the manual system; basically there were no sophisticated methods of doing things. Communications were done slowly were some could even wait for a month while trying to get information. Industrialization was just based on estimates of figures. Some changes have not only increased the quality of the products and services but also the live of individuals.

Most of the industries have improved their system, and now they are using the technology to advance the excellence of their products and services. Service industries use the latest technology to display services and to offer services to their customers online, which is actually convenient to their businesses and to their customers. Basically, digital technology has increased convenience of delivery in information, products and services globally thus an economic growth.

Personally the digital technology have been of great importance especially in convince of some services such as communications. Unlike the past, technology has played a role in the communication sector. Currently there are many ways of delivery of information to the world or to friends and families that are far away in the overseas. There are options such as the Internet, social networks, email and phones. The choice is plenty therefore, there is a flexible ability to communicate at any point or place unlike in the past where there was strict adherence of time to meet people. Since, most of the communications systems at that time could allow a convenient meeting if one was strict to time.

Communications takes place in any place and in an effective manner since the digital technology does not use any cable connection. Communicating with other people just needs a digital gadget than communicate even at home. In this perspective, a person may have to just send an email as a way of passing some information to a company. This is an alternative of a letter which could have been delivered to the company in hard copy, but the soft copy is the most convenient and reliable one besides an official means.

Some recognition should be given to the site such as facebook. The site just a communication network that allows subscribers to feel like they are with people since it allows chatting with people across the world. It is an achievement that many people thought about therefore, reducing the loneliness that many people had been subjected to before. Though the digital technology has been effective in changing the livelihood of many people in the world, there are some that argue that the technology has brought degradation in the moral values of the society. These people believe that sites such as facebook are of no benefits since they believe that it exposes vulnerable group to the dangers of being abused both mentally and morally. Nevertheless, the argument does not amount serious problem when it comes to security, since the new technology offer security options to the users therefore, new technology is beneficial to adopt than methods used before.

 In the modern world that we are living in, technology has been used to develop many services that were considered unattainable for example, in education technology has been used to create opportunities for distant learning through the Internet it is among one of the essential things that up to date technology has brought to the world. Many people used to toil for huge amounts of money to get them enrolled in an institution but through technology, this has been solved through the developments in technology. Technology has also led to the use of social networks to learn about any new occurrences in the world and the environment surrounding a person. This has led to people forgetting about watching the news in televisions and make them rely on the Internet for faster updates on current issues around the globe.

Moreover, medical conduct has been going well for a long time of time with the aid of modern technology. These days, the majority of the hospitals are using modern technology as support for the process, for example. Some doctors use latest machines to make medication which efficiently heals people and extends the life anticipation around the globe. In addition, the findings of x-ray facilitate doctors to take care of some kinds of diseases. The modern technology has also enabled people to predict world calamities like earth quakes or even tsunamis. However, modern technology does not routinely bring the good things but some bad things too. The thriving of industrialization and progress causes contamination to the world. For example, the smoke from all types of vehicles affects the air, particularly ozone layer. As a result, people experience sickness such as cancers due to the emissions from the industries using the new technology.

Next, some people use modern technology to produce unproductive things to the general public. They generate world annihilation weapons for instance nuclear and bombs. These weapons bring about massive damage to the community if we utilize them in incorrect ways For example, the terrorists exploit grenades to attack open citizens who have diverse propensity from their groups. Furthermore, modern technology brings solitude to aged people in some parts of the world. In England, the elderly group is left at the administration homes that make them feel secluded from their off-springs.

Finally, similarity of existence becomes to the wits of all people. Prior to, the community had diverse customs and traditions like the manner of clothing or building. Therefore, the community now inclines to build identical reproductions of residence and dress in the same inclination of clothing.

Modern technology has also been manipulated in ways that are not beneficial at all in the community. For example, modern technology has been used to advertise pornographic materials that do not fit in the society and this material can be accessed by kids. It has been used to market and enhance distribution of these socially unaccepted vices. The lack of security measures in the Internet makes it difficult to control the users' interactions on the Internet. What they do remain their own business and cannot be regulated or controlled by any person. Another disadvantage of the new technology allows the spread on unauthenticated information. This in turn, might lead to conflict and disagreements between people in the society.

To wind up, although new technology brings about some goods reimbursement, it also gives a lot of terrible consequences. As a result, to make the world flourishing, people should exercise the up to date technology in the best ways and find the successful results to the bad outcome.


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