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Telecommunications refers to the transfer and exchange of information over a considerable distance by use of various electronic means. Communication and the desire to always make it better have been and are very likely to be one of the most fundamental fields in development of technology of the present world. There has been a great development of this technology from the ancient days to the present day with each innovation significantly improving life on earth which has all contributed to making this world a global village. The common form of telecommunication occurs between two distanced stations, however, many a time there are several transmitting and receiving stations to allow exchange of data and such a scenario is known as telecommunications network.

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Various accomplishments in telecommunications

The accomplishment in the past of in telecommunications has led to technology that is present today, some of the accomplishment and the important groundwork it has laid   include:

In 1832, when Samuel Morse invented the famous wireline telegraph it marked the onset of present day communications technology. In 1874, Alexander bell invented the telephone and this is what could be credited to the development of the communication technology which we are enjoying. Morse had had basically laid foundation for humans to be able to transfer information efficiently and instantly over great distance, however bell made it possible to have the efficient and intimate means of communication over great distances- the use of voice.

The logic behind telephone instrument –and the mechanism that allowed it to function- was so reliable that basically all communication technology for the entire gone century was developed to enhance a quality and efficient transfer network. In 2004, the main telecommunication bodies announced the essence to strengthen network designs so as to have a successful transportation of digital data.

In 1896, Guillermo Marconi, invented wireless telegraph which is now known as Radio, this wireless means of communication could use voice transmission and in that aspect it emulated the telephone system.

History of telecommunication

From the year 1874 to 1980, remarkable effort has been made to put in place facilities and support system to see that   there is an efficient transmission of voices. The carriers have developed multiplexing and digital systems to enable more voice transmissions into existing wire.

In 1973, the internet was first developed by the defense department for   research. Initially the internet was known as Arpanet – only linking several universities and a few research laboratories- however it developed to WWW, a global network.

During that period, there was several important technology steps that made a landmark in communications system development: Invention of Integrated circuit in 1959 was a significant boost to computing and communications technology. The Integrated circuit allowed development of smaller and more portable communication gadgets. In 1968, the US government implemented the carterphone decision which permitted the non-telephone company to operate their devices. In the late 1970s, fibre strands began to be used as medium for communication. In 1980s, the enactment of AT and T reorganization occurred

With the increasing consumer demand, more significant inventions are being made in telecommunication services however   nearly all inventions are based on the concept of voice communication design. The invention of broadband data communication has significantly improved data communications. In 2003, cellular phones (mobile phones) had an estimated 148 million users in United States. This was made possible due to the extensive network coverage.

Challenges in telecommunications

The major challenges facing telecommunication lies not so much in predicting the landscape but in than efficiency and execution of existing technology. What the future holds for technology is anyone’s guess. Some of the challenges include: Meeting ever increasing consumer demands. If telecommunications carriers meet consumers demand for this particular day, it does assure them of tomorrow; sustaining performance is a great deal to them. There have been cases where by telecommunication service providers are dragged down by the cost of certain technology introduced in hope of it being economical and efficient

Another challenge is the overall waste from correcting mistakes in execution. There   is very few USSD code by all available operators across many parts and in some areas there have been   reported cases of lack of USSD codes. Lack of research covering telecommunications makes it practically impossible to achieve other major breakthrough in telecommunications. It costs a lot of money to install telecommunications system which most individuals and also some other states cannot afford. Neglecting information technology governance by some users in decision making and responsibility framework has resulted to some undesirable behaviors making telecommunications technology to be unfavorable among some other users.

Some of telecommunication systems used to assist in management in the corporate world have been reported to be flaw and have caused a lot of financial damage. Many telecommunication systems lack easy growth consequently they cannot handle a great amount of information. Many governments are well known to ignore information technology infrastructure.

Telecommunication careers

Telecommunication careers which help provide solution to the above include: Cable installation technicians who install cables such as the optic ones hence improving the speed of communication and eliminate the error. Installers fix alarm systems of both existing and new system and other telecommunication networks hence protecting them from vandalism. Telecommunications specialists ensure the telecommunications system is well repaired and maintained and also help to access new lines. Telecom analysts are supposed to ensure the telecommunications system is ever updated and issue clients advice on best services.


There is accelerating development in telecommunication technology and in the near future life will even become must easier as already the world has become a global village


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