Free The Influence of the Internet Essay Sample

The world has realized a substantial transformation in the process of doing things. Technology is one of the changes that have been introduced in the world and is always improving its efficiency. The internet is one of the technological milestones in the 21st century. In fact, it is particularly indispensable and is instrumental in the 21st century. Since its innovation, Internet has been so influential in education, health and communication sectors. First, Internet has tremendously improved the performance of the education system in a number of ways. Explicitly, it has helped in the achievement of the goals and objectives. This has been made possible through the achievement of content area. Its incorporation in the education system has enhanced the performance of the learning institutions. There is evidence that it improves the test scores of students. Furthermore, the research showed that students had better research skills, organizational skills, and application of learning to the real life situations and significance of the content. Notably, Internet has facilitated higher-level skills progress. It imparts in the students research, problem solving, analysis, comparative, synthesis and evaluative skills.

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Internet also aids students involved in distance learning. Through it, they can research, collect and present their assignments online. Moreover, Internet helps students learn from anywhere in the world. It rids the old way of keeping students in classrooms during individual lessons. Today, they can pick and submit assignments online. Moreover, Internet is significant in the preparation of learners, for employment in the future. Students who utilize the Internet form a skilled workforce after studies. Consequently, the organizations perform well and achieve their vision and mission. Furthermore, Internet is crucial in the health sector by improving the quality of the services given. Information technology is particularly beneficial to patients and health providers. Given that there are numerous technological devices to diagnose patients; doctors find it easy to attend to their patients depending to their respective problems. For instance, nuclear technology aids the health sector to discover certain diseases and avoid unnecessary deaths. Additionally, it helps in the discovery of new drugs to cure various diseases through research. Thus, the health care provides more quality services than in the pre-internet period. Given that medical information is available online, Internet informs people on the health matters at the convenience of their homes.

In addition, Internet is essential in the communication sector in the 21st century. This is because it meets a wider coverage than the other traditional forms of communication. It also conveys clearer information than the old methods. Internet provides free information to billions of people in the world. It aids communication in business organizations and learning institutions. More so, Internet is reliable since it remembers and keeps information and data safely for future reference. In business, Internet ensures that there is a smooth flow of information within and without the organization. It is valuable in the processes of market research and marketing. However, there are certain challenges posed by the Internet in the 21st century. Firstly, internet compromises morality in the society; many people watch pornography online. Secondly, it has led to insecurity in the company and personal documents. For example, there are cases of credit card theft and website hacking, hence hefty losses. Thirdly, it encourages laziness among students since they do not research but engage in plagiarism. In conclusion, Internet has more positive than negative impacts in the 21st century. It has enhanced quality education, better health care and effective communication in the society. However, its users should be tactful in order to avoid its negative effects.


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