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The productive plant at Columbus will provide at the capacity is in a position of providing goods and services to each family in sufficient quantities to approximately over $4000 a year. Instead of this, each family can get a little more than $1000 a year. Over eleven million workers are unemployed, while twenty million persons happen to be on the relief food. The Negroes at rural districts are starving gradually and they are not given relief food. The permanent unemployment on the vast scale is common in Columbus. This has increased the unemployment relief like an active volcano. The City of Columbus has experienced inflation where the prices are rising thus making the cost of living be extremely high. The relief and wages have no wings and the prices of commodities leave people stranded.

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Never in history has any country faced a situation which is menacing like this, where the country faces a combination of unemployment and inflation which happens to be threatening. Private ownership is responsible for the poverty in Columbus. The masses can be reached and won over a program that intends to change the enforced poverty through an organization that will overcome the tactics that the foreigner uses against the native people and the Negro. Through education and organization, all workers and farmers regardless of race, will build a future society give people the equal right to work and enable the achievement of disappearance of the racial antagonism that exist in Columbus. This paper delves into the Mario Lemieux Foundation and discusses how it has assisted in researching for the curing cancer.  

Difficulty of Columbus Cancer Patients in Paying Medical Expenses

The medical costs are higher by twenty percent and nearly eighty-five percent higher for patients with the income between $1200 and $2500 respectively. The middle class people also had problems in paying for medical expenses. The hospital charges were thirteen percent of the total family medical bill. In the time when the middle-class families could not afford to pay the medical bill, the physicians as well as the hospitals felt the pinch.   

Mario Lemieux Foundation

The foundation board of directors handles the basic administration of the Lemieux in 1993. Several grants have been awarded to the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute to enable them treat Hodgkin’s disease. The foundation is a long-term project that offers opportunity to give the cancer patients hope. Much time is devoted to raising funds for the foundation that helps the organization to reach its goal of curing cancer.

Achievements of the Foundation

The foundations have donated million dollars to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. This foundation has started the new Research Project called Austin Lemieux Neonatal Research to honor Mario as well as Nathalie Lemieux’s son who was born before it was time for birth. The project gives a support at the hospital named as Magee Women’s Hospital, Pennsylvania in the division of Neonatology as well as the development biology. The Mario Lemieux Foundation supports other organizations like McGowan Center for Artificial Organ Development, Leukemia Society, The Lupus Foundation as well as the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (Report on Mario Lemieux).

Mario Lemieux and his wife, Nathalie attended a ribbon cutting ceremony that was held for the new play ground of the size two thousand square feet that was built for the children of the warriors who were wounded as well as their families at the Walter Reed National Military Medial Centre. The Mario Lemieux Foundation was founded by the principal owner of NHL team which he played for and has now retired. 

The playroom of Austin is located on the Naval Support Activity Bethesda in the Tranquility Hall was established by Nathalie and Mario in the year 2000 due to the personal experience, during the time they were caring for their son Austin who was born prematurely in the year 1996 and weighed two pounds. The family of Lemieux had two daughters who made it difficult for them to manage the time together while they were at the hospital. The decided to look for funds to help families in the future who might be facing the same problems they faced.

The vice administrator John M. Mateczum (Joint Task National Capital Regional  Medical commander) and Mathew Nathan (read administrator) also joined the Mario family during the ribbon cutting ceremony who appreciated the efforts made by the foundation.

Workers of Mario Lemieux Foundation

Nancy Angus is the executive director, Andrew Parish is the marketing manager, Karin Girasek is Austin’s playroom project manager and Melissa Tiley is the office manager. Other workers are Ben Herring and Alexandra Miller.

Office Volunteers

Mario Lemieux Foundation welcomes and appreciates their volunteers who support their mission and gives them a chance to win. There are office frontiers that assist the Mario Lemieux foundation on their mission of curing cancer.

Special event volunteer

Some volunteers are needed during the events such as golf events, auctions events and other special events.


The foundation also offers non-paid job for interns who are interested in gaining experience in the non-profit setting (The Mario Lemieux foundation).


The foundation gets its funding from various sources. The North Campus hockey team raised $ 3,000 that was to be channeled the Mario Lemieux Foundation to build Austin’s Playroom project and was meant to provide a play area for autistic children specifically at the Walter Reed Medical Center. This was possible after the North Campus ice hockey team defeated the West Virginia University January 22nd (President’s Newsletter)

In the year 2001, Lemieux donated $5 million to the three divisions of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The divisions were Cancer institute, Magee Women’s Hospital and the McGowan Center for Artificial Organ Development. The University of Cancer Center was allocated $4.4 million to help them to create the center for the care of patients, the laboratory to research Hodgkin’s disease research and the laboratory for researching leukemia and they were all named after the legendary hockey player Mario Lemieux. The remainder of the money was split evenly to the Magee as well as McGowan Center.

Mario Lemieux foundation was started by Lemieux after he survived a type of cancer called Hodgkin’s disease. It raises millions of dollars today for the cancer research. For instance, in the year 2005, it donated $2 million check to the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh. A college scholarship that was named after Bob Johnson (who was a coach) of $ 5,000 was also donated (Stewart)           

The Mellon Mario Lemieux Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament draws blue ribbon celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment and goes on for four days. This serves as the largest fundraising vehicle for the Mario Lemieux Foundation where the public is welcomed to watch from the gallery thereby participating in various family activities as the celebrities compete for purse of cash (Report on Mario Lemieux

Organization’s Goals (Mission Statement)

The organization’s mission statement is “The main objective of the Mario Lemieux Foundation is to fund promising medical research projects being conducted by talented scientists.” The foundation has funded many organizations and charities, since it was formed and it continues to assist these organizations without taking into consideration of their missions (Foundation History).

How and When Mario Lemieux Began

The Lemieux Foundation was started in the year 1993 by the legend in hockey known as Mario Lemieux. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease which he battled successfully. It was intended to raise funds for cancer research and to build Austin’s Playroom Project for siblings in the medical facilities (Foundation History).

Purpose of the Mario Lemieux Project

The purpose of the Mario Lemieux Foundation is to look for funds to help research on cancer as well as funding on the premature births. It donated five million dollars to enable the establishment of the Mario Lemieux Centers for Patient Care and Research which is located at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and this assisted in the formation of Lemieux Neonatal Research Project that supports the research at the Magee Women’s Hospital.


The Mario Lemieux Foundation has transformed the lives of the cancer patients as well as the lives of the prematurely born babies. Mario won the battle with the type of cancer known as Hodgkin’s disease and was able to return to play hockey at the highest national level for his team. Their baby, Austin was also able to be brought up successfully after it was born prematurely. The foundation has also raised funds to carry out research that will help to cure cancer. The foundation has contributed $ 10 million since it was created. This has aided the cancer patients as well as the researchers in the field of oncology. Austin’s Playroom that was financed by the Mario Lemieux Foundation has twenty-four hospital play areas in the western Pennsylvania which has seen the children of the wounded warriors play at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethsda, Md (Foundation History).

Three more playrooms are expected to be opened soon. The fantasy hockey camp event has raised a lot of funds for the foundation where each of the sixty-four campers has contributed $ 7,566 and all the proceeds from the event will be directed to the Mario Lemieux Center for patients with blood cancer. In addition to the five games which the campers will be playing, they will get a chance to practice under the experienced Penguins coach, Dan Bylsma. The foundation now owns a very successful golf club which Mario used to play for (Foundation History).

The weakness of the foundation is that it only focuses on the funds from the donation of hockey events. There are other events such as soccer that can form an additional source for the foundation. The management should organize money generating events in order to benefit the patients who could not afford the high cost of treating cancer (Foundation History)


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