Free Balancing Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technology Essay Sample

Communication is defined as the exchange of ideas and meanings through a common system between individuals. Communication must involve at least two information processing systems, one or more communication channels between them; a finite time interval during which information may be conveyed across the channels in both directions and hence influence behavior.

Technology is defined as the knowledge of any technique for achieving specific objectives. Communication technology may mean the knowledge of any techniques that aim at achieving communication between two information processing systems (entities). The use of technology for communication has been on the rise due to its perceived efficiency and effectiveness. However, it has also come under fire for some limitations that the usage of technology to communicate may impose on the society.

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Advantages of Technology

Speed and efficiency

The use of communication technology enables vital messages to be transmitted with tremendous speed to the recipient. The success of wire money transfer is a result of the speed with which people get money within a short time. Technology has also enabled a tremendous amount of data to be captured, stored and manipulated in a tremendously short time. Therefore, they enable an individual to save time and costs associated with complex operations that may be needed without computers. Another advantage is that giving the same inputs and instructions technology allows the production of credible and consistent results.

Time and cost cutting

The use of technology enables organizations and individuals to save on costs. Travel costs can be saved because individuals do not need to travel to work or places where they may be needed. In this sense, the travelling time is also saved especially in this era of endless traffic jams.


Technology has revolutionized the concept of people to work at their own convenience. It has enabled the creation of unstructured organization where people from different regions can work towards a common goal. In this regard, it creates understanding between different cultures. Technology may be ideal for disabled because it helps them to work without unnecessary movement. It can also helpone to work at the hours he may deem as convenient to him, as well as fitting work around family commitments. Workers may also choose to work wherever they want without the possibility of interfering with their work.


Technology has enabled enormous advances in the field of medicine. Many cures have been found as a result of this technology. Researchers are also able to combine their findings with other colleagues.

Disadvantages of Technology

Basic requirement

The use of ICT facilities especially computers have vast limitations in terms of the basic requirements needed to run the system. First of all, these computers require electricity. They also need to be connected to a telephone network. They also have to be connected to a printer which is powered by electricity. The printer requires ink cartridges, as well as printing paper. Devices to protect these systems from power surges may also be required. In many places, the reliable access and supply of this equipment may not be there. In addition, the electronic files need to be backed up by paper files. An efficient way of coordinating between these two systems may prove to be troublesome to implement and use.


Although communication technology might be becoming affordable, this may not make them completely cheap. Purchased equipment may not always be the final purchase. It needs to be upgraded constantly. Incompatibility of some equipment to specific applications may require further investments. Staff that uses the systems also requires additional training and may need time to get accustomed to the systems.

Breakdown, viruses and security

Communication technology, especially computers, may encounter programming problems which might lead to crashing. Viruses can also infect the system which may cause damage to the technology or loss of information. Authorized access to the system by hackers also presents an immense challenge. Hackers may gain sensitive information or steal files.

Impact on the organization

The use of technology has unforeseen impacts on the organization. This may occur when the technology is used for other purposes, other than the ones which they were originally designed for. Technology may also affect cognitive skills. Delays might also result form using technology. For example, using automated systems to respond to emergency may be harmful because they require the person in distress to give the full address of the place of emergency. Technology also limits contact time between workers or workers and recipients of a service which might be harmful to the organization. The boundary between work and home may also be lost.

Health implications: Some technologies carry with them some health risks. For example, excess use of computer leads to eye problems due to staring at the screen and back problems caused by sitting in the same position for long. People working at a station for too long without moving may suffer from obesity. Some researchers also claim that mobile phone technology increases chances of developing cancer.


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