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In reference to David he explains that, Virtual network is set of interconnected computers that appear as though they are one huge network to the client connected.  It consists part of virtual network interconnection links that does not consist of wired or wireless connection among networked machines but an implementation of network virtualization technology. The technology builds a virtual environment which fosters de-coupling of space, where events happen and storage technologies facilitate de-coupling of time between a message being sent and received for users and members who are working transparently such that they don't met each other in person.

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Frank argues that,Virtual net working is distinguished by the feature of many client users communicating transparently both locally and remotely across similar and dissimilar networks through a simple interface which is consistent and user friendly. To be specific, virtual network consists of one or more virtual machines which are configured in such a way that the end client users are in a position to access the local host or external host network resources. In its original setting virtual network is laid down to use a network adapter in the physical computer or no network adapter at all.

According to Roy he argues that, the common types of virtual networks are protocol based. They include; virtual private local area networks which are connected logically by partitioning physical local area network into multiple logical subnets. Either, by use of virtual local area network identification or partitioned virtual network can be on a single router as well as multiple routers.

According to Kay incase network adapter is used in physical computer connection, then whichever virtual machines  connected to the virtual network is automatically deemed to have the potential to access the networks  which is physical connected. On the other hand he puts the matter under discussion clear by explaining that, in the absence of network adapter then the connected virtual machines automatically becomes part of the internal virtual machine network which consists of all machines configured by use no network adapter. In this case each internal virtual machine network is completely isolated from all other internal virtual machine networks.

Ann clarifies that virtual network includes a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server which issues IP address to virtual machines. The virtual server configures the virtual machines through dedicating special I p addresses to specific subnet. By default the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server is disabled. In this regard virtual network is not attached to a physical network adapter and a virtual Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server is activated. As a result it is isolated from all other virtual machines and the host operating system.


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